OBS and WhaleMall: linking China to the future of social commerce

For many people, future is just something yet to come. It is like an idea, a projection of our minds. Others thinks that it is a chance, to be shaped at will with effort and work.

We believe that future is the present, we believe in people who can already see the future and work to be protagonists of that vision. For these people future is not something to wait for, because we already live it.

“Linking the future” means linking these kind of believers. “Expanding the social” means providing more and more people with an access to this vision and become participants.

“Linking the future, expanding the social” was the name after which the first conference hosted by WhaleMall took place. WhaleMall is the first social commerce platform running over the OBS protocol and during the last December meeting a strategic cooperation was signed.

OBS positioning in China to start its global challenge was a specific choice to successfully meet the targets of the project. In these months many steps further have been made, but much work is still ahead.

In the era of sharing economy, e-commerce market is facing enormous challenges. Industry model, product service, technological innovation. How will Chinese market react to these necessary changes? How to break through the many real problems faced by social e-commerce? What kind of business model can awaken “sleeping” users?

OBS model, adopted by the WhaleMall platform, is based on the core architecture of token economy. Thanks to its exclusive token-based incentive system, WhaleMall’s users can experience the close relationship between distribution channels, consumers and the platform itself. Distribution channels can get the token reward doing business on the platform, and consumers — besides purchasing products — also contribute to increase the traffic and can get the token reward. The token reward feeds the “benign cycle” making possible to speed up the growth of a WhaleMall ecosystem and create a positive network effect.

How can the blockchain technology realize the application of this vision, and benefit more consumers?

The whole model presented above is made possible by an application of blockchain technology. Users are actually linked to the future on the blockchain, the expanding network represents the evolution of the social feature in the world of new retail.

But the industry presents many more issues to be cleared up. The application of this model is thought to expand the demand without lowering the quality offer.


The key to live in the future stands in the integration of the latest technological innovation.

Which ones?

And what about privacy? Counterfeiting? Security? In a few words, how to address all the problems faced on the real economy side of the most known digital marketplaces?

The answer to these problems is the backbone of the WhaleMall strategy, and finally ends up in the choice of their strategic partnership with OBS.

In order to present its early achievements and share this comprehensive vision next weekend, on March 23rd, another appointment is going to take place to explain this disruptive model, present its early achievements and discuss the most compelling struggles.

WhaleMall invited industry leaders to attend the “WhaleMall 2019 Global Fortune Leaders Summit” to share their practical experiences and analyze cutting-edge trends. It will also be the chance to create and strengthen professional connections and let all the early users of WhaleMall to immediately unfurl their potential and success.