Passion prepares peace of mind

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Successful entrepreneurs develop a passion for their work. That can push as well as frustrate them. Those who can channel their passions best have a better chance to find professional and personal peace of mind.

Colleen Qvist has made a living helping other entrepreneurs feed their desires. She is a life and business coach and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa Gauteng chair.

She believes that before discovering passion, people have to truly know themselves, which she explained during a We Talk Biz chat.

“Knowing self is critical,” Qvist said. “I hosted a workshop called ‘Finding Your Why,’ which is based in knowing self. Passion is discovered or uncovered and can then be developed. Passion is not purpose, though.

“So many people have no idea of what they like or what they are good at,” she said. “Many have lost knowing self.”

Qvist explained that there is a technique to uncover inner meaning.

“Do it through working with self,” she said. “Get to know self. If it’s real, there will be no problem sticking to it.”

Qvist believes the journey is more enjoyable when passion is found.

“There is more flow when you find your purpose,” she said. “However, there are still tears, lack of clarity, loneliness and questioning. It’s not a magic fix-all.”

At any moment in the journey, travelers encounter “It is not your time” when doors won’t open. This is when people learn more about themselves.

“What did you learn?” Qvist said. “How did you grow? Often, we have to spend time acquiring new skills, knowledge and growth to climb under, over and through obstacles.”

Successful entrepreneurs learn they must be brave, tenacious and have courage. Sometimes these qualities are more relevant than purpose and passion.

“I have cried many tears over things that didn’t work in my business,” Qvist said. “Pick yourself up, reflect, learn and continue. This is how we grow. Suddenly obstacles aren’t so huge.”

More than a pastime

Passion also needs control so it will not lead you off track.

“Your passion can definitely lead you astray, especially if you do something for the love of it,” Qvist said. “Passion doesn’t always pay bills. Passion without monetary reward can be a hobby. It also can be seen as a romanticized fairy tale and not hard work.”

Even if like a fantasy, entrepreneurs should not expect smooth sailing. Qvist found these obstacles to growth:

  • Mindset can be a challenge.

This was her advice for those in the journey of passion discovery and career choosing:

  • Spend time on you.

Put all that together, Qvist said, and passion will bear fruit.

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from confusion to clarity, not insanity

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