Reasons Video Conferencing is Better than a Conference Call

Amit N
Amit N
Nov 14, 2018 · 4 min read

If the picture conveys thousands of words; think what video would be expressing! When we think about business communication; efficiency and output are often two significant concerns. Teleconferencing, as well as video conferencing, are such two emerging technologies which have entirely transformed corporate communication these days. However, teleconferencing is quite older as compared to video conferencing services. The most significant difference between these two modes of communication is the devices used and the platform used to converse with each other. Let me ask you a simple question. Which conversation would you like to engage in? Speaking on a telephone? Audiovisual conferencing online with the person? I’m sure you would opt for the second one as it’s more credible and impactful. When in-person meetings are not feasible at times; video conferencing is indeed a boon! Following are a few parameters on which I could state the reasons you should go for video conferencing instead of a conference call:

> Channels of communication- Teleconferencing is only audio-based communication. It means, both the parties can hear the voices of each other, but they can’t transmit the visuals. Few teleconferencing systems use VoIP systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transfer the data which requires less bandwidth as compared to video conference. However, video conferencing technology makes the audiovisual transmission of the information at the same time without any external support. If you want to conduct a presentation session with the client; you can efficiently transmit the visuals along with the audio in real time. Live interaction is anytime more effective and productive.

> Interaction level- Since teleconferencing provides only audio communication; there are multiple limitations of interaction you need to deal with. You cannot observe the body language and expressions of the participant if you are not engaged in video conferencing. In business communication, in-person meetings have immense importance when you have to discuss financial policies, marketing strategies or other deals. Video conferencing makes everything possible within a few minutes. Real-time audiovisual communication always stands out. Professional video conference service provider offers you a complete setup including servers, webcams, display, etc.

> Exchange of information- Sharing data is one of the major concerns when it comes to video conferencing. You can exchange only concepts, thoughts about certain aspects when you are engaged in a conference call. However, video conferencing offers you limitless possibilities of knowledge sharing. Since you are communicating with another person in real time; you can share files, applications, videos or even screen with the person interacting with you. Live chat meetings or webinars make everything interactive wherein there is a better scope for productive discussions.

> Collaboration and team-building- In web conferencing solutions, groups of people can gather and communicate with other groups of people sitting at remote locations. In short, the level and amount of participation are always higher in video conferencing as opposed to a conference call. Video conferencing gives an opportunity to every participant to express what he thinks about a topic that is brought to the discussion. Feedbacks or opinions can be discussed in real time which increases the level of interaction. A sense of unity or togetherness is undoubtedly boosted when the entire team is engaged to achieve a single objective through video conferencing; be it a business deal, client pitching or contract renewal.

> Conferencing quality- The advantages of video conferencing over the teleconference depends on the network quality and its strength. Nowadays with hi-speed networks and broadband connections, audiovisual devices operate in real time wich offer you seamless communication experience like never before. Upgraded technological devices, increased awareness among the tech-savvy workforce, advanced software applications have made the broadcast accessible and convenient. HD audiovisual data transmission is quite speedy and more accessible for business communication which is not possible when it comes to a conference call. Travel Time and expenses can be saved up to a great extent when we opt for video conferencing.

Conference calls are still utilized in many organizations; however, their popularity and relevance are decreasing with the advent of video conferencing. With few upgrades to your existing infrastructure at the workplace, video conferencing service providers can offer you a whole set up to start your board meetings, recruitment sessions, annual meetings and so on. Easy access, flexible data sharing, user-friendly applications, and enhanced interactions are a few characteristic features of video conferencing services which would keep you tempting to opt for this emerging technology.

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