Do you believe that you can? Or do you belive you cannot? Either way you are correct. Skepticism is what takes us away from where we want to go to a place we don't want to be. It is the enemy of progress. Fear plays an important part in the development of skepcticism and our lack of Self-confidence. To develop Self-confidence we have to eliminate fear. There are six kinds of fear that are prevalent to humans. Fear of poverty, fear of aging, fear of ill health, fear of criticism, fear of the loss of love and the fear of death. These fears hold us back. Try to figure out which ones are holding you back. Then take action to eliminate them. If we do not, the lack of action atrophies our resolve, our will, our decision making capabilities. This will lead us to loose our ambition and our self-confidence.

To prevent this we must initiate a stuggle, and though I know this would seem to be a nasty word. It really isn't. Struggling leads us to become stronger. How blessed is the person that has to struggle to obtain things. Just this morning my wife told me that one of my daughters was complaining that life is a struggle. She didn't realize that she has grown up so much in the last couple of years for the precise fact that things were not handed down to her. How harmful it is to give one’s children things in a silver spoon. People that exude self-confidence tend to ask for what they want, and determine what they don't want. They think that anything is possible. They are willing to take risks. They will also not be shy about celebrating when they succeed.

“I Am bold neon signage at night time” by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Nothing can bring you succes but yourself. And it all starts with Self-confidence. The lack of this quality will make you not attract others. You will repel them. Self-confidence is necessary for any person to be able to advance in life. A belief in oneself and in what one is capable of doing is crucial to attaining what you want in life.

Self-confidence can be destroyed by what others say, by our parents, by a teacher, by a friend. However it is of our interest that we build a shield around our mind and use incantations and affirmations that strenghten self-confidence in us. Never pay attention to others or what they say. The nay-sayers, the negative people who gloat in your failed efforts. Through the consistent and practical application of positive habits, such as reading good books and hanging around with winners we can develop self-confidence.

Pay attention to your voice. Listen to what it is telling you. Self-confidence is born within you and nobody can make it grow but yourself.