We Selling “Exclusivity”

— Be a part of “The Club”.

Nabeel Tahir
Jun 28 · 3 min read
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People, like animals, are hungry creatures. Our thirst for wanting more is unlimited and unquenchable.

Nothing quenches that desire, the thirst, like the word “Exclusive”.

Think of it as the infamous Diamond example, diamonds aren’t rare. Yet they’re believed to be. Do people simply not look or is it rather that they wish to look away at the fact?

The word exclusive, attached to any medium drives a force undeniable to the world of the unsatisfied, lacking security, lacking self-esteem.

Buying an exclusive item makes individuals feel as though they’ve conquered the mountain that was once deemed unclimbable.

There’s no shame in flaunting the word “Exclusivity”, I had the pleasure of once visiting a warehouse owned by a famous clothing household brand. There was something uncanny about it, something elusive, something unsettling.

It was as though I was standing in a sewer; and whilst I stood there I thought to myself ‘would the brand ever be proud to show their customers a meer footage of the warehouse where the clothes are kept?’ ‘if the customers were redirected to the warehouse instead of the Branded Store, laid out with plush red carpet and glass doors, will they still be interested in paying the price the brand demanded from its potential customers?’

Another scenario occurred to me, ‘what would happen if suddenly the price tags were lowered but the place remained the same?’

At the end of this excursion was an excruciating realization that ‘Exclusively’ sells. People seldom appreciate the product more than its packaging. A cake tastes better when it’s encased in a box with a silhouette of velvet.

Flaunting the word ‘Exclusive’ is the ability to drive a demand where none exists. And if one should be so lucky as to have a truly exclusive product; they’d find themselves in an illustrious position and the authoritative right to say ‘NO’ — ‘I’m sorry but that item isn’t for sale’.

A business thrives on the formula of exclusivity, be it a celebrity image, a limited edition, or a personally engraved initial on an item of clothing. It’s all the same thing.

Exclusive buyers expect a reward; something they can keep to remind themselves they’re now part of ‘The Club’. A totem they can flash around to their friends that they’re a part of a cult, not every individual is allowed access to.

Taking the modest example of the hotel businesses and how it's challenged today by the growing boom of Apps such as Airbnb; hotels now find themselves competing against an empire that doesn’t own a single property and only serves the purpose of a third party agent. A travel agent that fits into your pocket.

And as such now, what is the hotel businesses were to say rather than ‘We only accept exclusive guests as part of our heritage’ rather than ‘We’ll offer you a discounted price’. We must begin to rethink the power of advertising has over the impervious offerings. A golden coin, a ring, a badge; a symbol offering a key to a word of ‘exclusivity’ — one not to be underestimated when confronted with the brittle mind of the megalomaniac.

‘Exclusivity’ is a drug; and like other drugs, it preys upon the minds of unsatisfiable thirst existing within human nature.

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity

Nabeel Tahir

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I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain. https://paypal.me/nabeeltahir

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity

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