Startup Champions 2019 Announced

Yesterday, Venturelab hosted an exceptional happening and officially presented the Swiss National Startup Team. They are 10 world-class entrepreneurs that are going to go global and to do so they will spend few weeks in Silicon Valley to meet investors and learn about the local ecosystem. Here is the Swiss National Startup Team:

The Venture Leaders Technology team 2019 was chosen out of 120 applicants and now is getting ready to go to Silicon Valley for a roadshow. They will be presenting their startups at the Startup Champions event and learn how the local, US market look like, how they can successfully introduce their products and how to go beyond Swiss and European borders. It’s one of a lifetime opportunity to truly take off and gain new markets with a support of such an experienced organisation which is Venturelab.

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The keynote speech during the event was given by Olivier Schuepbach -international Venture Capital investor, working with Partech Partners in Germany. He shared with us few extremely important advice that truly help to grow the global startups wisely and successfully. As an entrepreneur, he worked with brands4friends that was acquired by eBay. As a VC he started with Wellington Partners back in 2006 and since then has been helping numerous startups to take off the ground and dynamically and efficiently develop their businesses. Check out the below, short but so meaningful advice from Olivier:

  1. Focus on key added value and for the rest partner and outsource.
  2. Secure a big partner as unfair competitive advantage.
  3. Focus on big markets first. Do not go too broad too quickly.
  4. Have early-on a strong CFO and Finance Department.
  5. Measure everything you can. Leverage Business Intelligence.
  6. Secure at each stage suitable investors and enough financing.
  7. Build the hype around you. Be loud.
  8. Get ready for the ride. The journey is the goal.

About VentureKick

The Venture Leaders Technology is one of a few flag projects of Venturelab. They are recognised as one of the most active angel&seed stage Investors in 2018 (by crunchbase) and are only a few points below the biggest player on the market Y Combinator.

The can be proud of quite a few success stories. Below just a couple of examples of companies that were raised or were supported by Venturelab.

If you want to get to know more about the projects run by Venturelab, feel free to check out their website, facebook page, twitter account, Linkedin profile or Angel listing.

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