Startup Stats You Need To Know

It’s hard to determine the facts around Startup success and failure in this era because companies tend to release only the best data about themselves and the press tends to run “success” stories as opposed to “realistic” stories.

With all of the venture-backed company hype contrasted against the adage that 90% of new businesses fail- I decided to do some digging of my own.

I’ve compiled a list of the most surprising, relevant, and up to date Startup statistics I could find. I have depicted the data in the following infographic.

Startup Stats- 2018

As 2019 shifts into high gear, it is clear that the Startup funding landscape and growth rate is healthy. One surprising statistic I identified was that, while there is a lot of venture capital and investment in the startup ecosystem, the median salary for an entrepreneur is still only $50,000 and less than 6% of all new businesses started in 2018 were funded by venture capital. In an age where it seems as if everyone is raising millions of dollars, it’s worth noting that many Startups are bootstrapped and initially self-funded.

If you know of any great Startup statistics please comment them below!