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Supporting Our Music Hoods Everywhere

One musician who found success … the traditional route. The other discovered success through a world of incentivized fans
loving the same music.

John Cole
John Cole
Jan 6 · 3 min read

You may recall the lyric from Joni Mitchell’s “For Free”:

And I play if you have the money
Or if you’re a friend to me
But the one man band
By the quick lunch stand
He was playing real good, for free.

I’m a musician. There are millions just like me. Unfortunately, the road to musical riches is bumpy and narrow, with many gates to pass through. Yeah sure … musicians, like anyone trying to achieve success, need to be grounded, and vetted. Some make the velvet curtain call … most don’t, for many reasons. Money usually being the prime suspect.

Growing talent needs a stage. Seeing how the audience responds to a fleeting performance can be rewarding, enlightening, and frustrating.

Most musicians start on a hometown stage with a built-in support system … friends and family, which can challenge performers to see through overt enthusiasm. That same inspired enthusiasm can propel musicians to positive futures. But, let’s not kid ourselves … the traditional road is froth with promise, and greed.

Back at home, I like original roots music. There’s a ton of talent right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. How many are aware of Joe West, Busy McCarrol, Natcha Mendez, Martha Reich, Chris Chickering, Desert Choral, Santa Fe Promusica, Pat Malone, Joey Wilson, Felix Y Gatos, and David Borrego? Naming only a few.

There is nothing like a real performance, and a receptive audience consuming all the energy performers thrust onto our lives … right here at home.

Sadly, live performing may feed the ego, but not necessarily the belly. This is why publishing music is a very important income source. But … how in the world do we survive in a market demanding free music? How can publishing help musicians … especially starting out?

Make publishing free.

Make marketing though friends, family, and most importantly to a world of audiences for free … and incentivize everyone involved.

What’s Mom going to think when she receives money for supporting her own musical kids, and those other kids across town? What are those kids going to think when they get theirs?

Musicians want success. Audiences want to feel success. I know incentivized audiences can move musician’s creations from hometown to hometown, simply by word of mouth. Everyone will grow. Change will happen. This is the avenue Muezbiz.com’s tools provide.

Musicians need you. You need musicians. The time for change has come to break toward a different future where people can share creative profit knowing they are supporting musicians, and their own local economies everywhere.

John Cole, Muezbiz.com

Working hard bringing music publishing back from the brink by paying neighbor representatives a share of member published music.

Muezbiz is a startup.“Meet local friends in musical conversations. Make money sharing the music you love.” Now buy from someone local with interest media filtered by region.

All new members joining are forwarded to Santa Fe Folk/Americana conversation social time line to see how site works. Defaults can be changed at any time via the Preference menu under member’s name at top.

John Cole

Written by

John Cole

Exploring possibilities furthering opportunities for musicians everywhere. Founder/Lead Developer Muezbiz.com.

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