The 6 Translation Issues that we Aim to Solve with TranslateMe

TranslateMe is a new ICO that aims to solve many of the current problems associated with language translation. We are passionate about connecting people from around the world, and by using Blockchain technology we have created a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Some of the problems that we aim to solve with our ICO and end application include:

High Fees

Many of the current translation solutions available today are expensive, especially for people in poorer countries. We aim to bring down the cost of translation for the end user and we even provide the opportunity for users to earn in our very own token (TMN) for correcting and giving accurate translations.

Lack of Collaboration

The translation systems that you find today are often completely independent and have developed their own algorithm. TranslateMe’s ambition is to pool together various efforts and data to create the most effective translation solution by collaborating as much as possible.

Underwhelming Variety of Languages

Did you know that big online corporations such as Facebook and Google only support a fraction of the world’s spoken languages? While there are many translation options for languages like English, French and Spanish; there are next to no translation solutions for the languages of Taushiro, Liki and Ongota. With over 6500 languages to translate, we want to include every language in our venture and offer translations for even the most obscure of languages.

Minimal Human Input

Most online translation services make use of neural machine learning and AI. While these methods can be very effective, they often lack the nuances and subtleties of the human touch. In contrast, human translators give correct humour and use of idiom but cannot be expected to know as many words and languages as a computer. So what we do is merge these two solutions! We make use of neural machine learning but also make use of human input for the most precise translations possible.

Centralised Systems

Slowly the world is starting to become weary of totally centralised systems. With a centralised point comes a breaking point, and it can all come toppling down in an instant. TranslateMe uses decentralised Blockchain technology to ensure that our risks are spread evenly. Blockchain also provides an exceptionally high level of security and you can rest assured that all info submitted to the platform is 100% secured.

Not Active 24/7

While other translation services may be bound to the usual working hours of wherever they are based in the world, our international community will be available any day at any time for your convenience. Our clients will be able to access our services 24/7.


The team at TranslateMe are always looking to solve the typical problems associated with translation services in the most innovative way possible. We believe our ICO and end product are of an impressively high quality and we can’t wait to share it with the world!

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