The Growing Influence Of AI-Powered Fitness Applications

Atif M.
Atif M.
Oct 8 · 6 min read
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During the global pandemic, fitness might be easier to achieve. A survey that involved 2000 Americans reveals that going to a gym is becoming more and more obsolete due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You might have thought that lockdowns and quarantine would make a lot of people gain weight and end up with poor fitness. However, 63% of the respondents feel that they have gotten into better shape over the past few months.

It seems that many fitness enthusiasts in America no more feel the need of a gym membership to achieve their fitness goals. Another 64% of the respondents are more interested in at-home fitness options.

The popularity of home fitness apps has surged in the last few months because of the pandemic. A study finds that fitness apps grew by 50% during the first half of 2020.

The pandemic forced fitness freaks to explore new ways to work out inside their homes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science focused on creating machines that seem like they possess human intelligence. These machines’ intelligence is “artificial” because it is created by humans, and it does not exist naturally.

The advent of AI and its subsets including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and more are modernizing fitness industry at an unprecedented rate.

AI has been incorporated with fitness machines, gadgets, wearables, and mobile applications to make them smart and allow them to help their users in staying fit and healthy.

Computer vision is defined as a subset of mainstream AI that deals with the science of making computers or machines visually-enabled i.e. they can analyze and understand an image.

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI. ML algorithms are computer-implementable instructions that take a dataset as input and perform calculations to figure out patterns within that dataset that were previously undiscovered.

ML models learn from experience and self-correction. Therefore, larger the dataset you would use to train them, the better they would learn the patterns within the dataset.

Larger train dataset means your model encounters more data, means they gain more experience.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) — is a branch of AI concerned with how machines understand human-understandable (natural) language.

The goal of NLP is to build systems that can make sense of text and carry out tasks like translation, grammar check, or text classification.

Use of Computer Vision

Fitness apps use computer vision to monitor your posture during exercise, something a fitness coach would do for you if you were working out at a gym premise.

Using the camera of your laptop or smartphone, these applications employ computer vision to scan your body and figure out what your body-type is.

They can then recommend you the most appropriate workout plan and exercises for your body-type.

During the exercise, these apps can act as virtual trainers. They give you real-time instructions and feedback on your moves and position during the exercise, telling you to bend this way or that, go lower while attempting to squat, straighten your back or hold elbows at more of a right angle.

Fitness Apps Offers Numerous Advantages

Let’s discuss 7 benefits of home workout apps that make fitness freaks forget about renewing their premium gym memberships.

Personalized Fitness Programs

Each person’s body and fitness goals are unique. Therefore, one workout plan cannot be suitable for every individual. With the power of AI, ML and other top technologies, these applications can tailor exclusive workout plans for each user.

All the user has to do is enter the required details, such as body measurements, their current fitness level, their fitness goals, and more.

The app would process this information and use an AI algorithm to create a unique exercise program for the user.

Those who are already fit and aim to maintain their fitness can select from hundreds of workout plans already provided in the fitness apps.

Exercise Anytime Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of using these fitness apps is that they allow you to work out anywhere and anytime. The only requirements are your mobile phone and an internet connection.

Whether you’re on a business trip, family vacation, or away from your permanent residence for any reason, you have no excuse to skip your workout session.

No Equipment Needed for the Workout

At-home fitness is based on exercises and workout plans that should not require large exercise machines or equipment that you find at gym premise.

Therefore, home workout apps come with exercises that would not require you to purchase any equipment.

Merely by keeping a yoga mat wherever you go, you can start and maintain your fitness regime anywhere.

Personalized Diet Charts

Eating right is essential to achieve any fitness goal. In fact, studies reveal that diet is more important than exercise for good health. Therefore, some of the best at-home workout apps provide you personalized diet charts.

Also, you can select the right option to get a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, protein-rich, carbs-rich, or any other type of diet plan.

Track Your Fitness

A good home workout app can help you track your exercises and set new goals for the fitness of your body. AI-powered apps also offer recommended plans based on user’s ability and stamina.

To use this feature, you have to create an account using your Email address and password and log in.

A Variety of Fitness Activities

It is not necessary that workout apps only include physical fitness programs. They may also have specialized segments to explore Yoga Asanas, mediation, and other types of fitness.

Some applications even provide users the option to create their own full-body workouts or target a specific body part.

Moreover, squinting or staring on your device during the workout can be frustrating. To solve this problem, these applications provide audio instructions while the user is exercising.

AI-Based Fitness Coach

We have already discussed this aspect of home workout apps above. Doing an exercise may not be effective if you are not doing it the right way and you don’t even know that you are doing it wrong.

AI-powered trainers that come with these home workout apps can not only guide you during the exercise, but can also provide you tips on building your strength and stamina. They can also provide answers to any other fitness related queries.

The Conclusion — Gym Owners Should Consider Building Their Own Home Workout Application

As we have discussed earlier that many fitness enthusiasts around the world are not planning to go back to the gym even after the end of pandemic, it should alarm every gym owner as what this could possibly mean for the future of their fitness business.

Self-training fitness apps are easy, cost-effective and convenient option to stay fit, and therefore have an increasing demand in the fitness world.

As a gym owner and from a business perspective, it is a promising investment to develop your own home workout application.

For this purpose, you have to find a reliable and experienced custom mobile app development company, or simply highly skilled developers. Building an app on your own would take plenty of your time and effort.

Most importantly, you need to hold expertise in various designing, developing, and testing technologies, which is nearly impossible. It is best to do a thorough research before choosing any of the top two options.

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Atif M.

Written by

Atif M.

CEO @ Inqline — l AI Hub events l Hosting 30-hours data science hackathons l Philanthropist l World Traveler l Athlete

Data Driven Investor

empowering you with data, knowledge, and expertise

Atif M.

Written by

Atif M.

CEO @ Inqline — l AI Hub events l Hosting 30-hours data science hackathons l Philanthropist l World Traveler l Athlete

Data Driven Investor

empowering you with data, knowledge, and expertise

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