The Ideal Combination of AI, Blockchain Technology and Human Input

And How We Plan to Introduce the Most Effective Translation App

TranslateMe, a new ICO, plans to bring the world a translation app that provides you with fast and accurate translations. How do we do this? By harnessing the technologies of AI and Blockchain technology, along with human input…

Artificial Intelligence & Neural Machine Learning

AI was once a concept that belonged in science fiction movies but it has recently become a very tangible reality and has transformed entire industries! The translation industry is just one of the industries that has adopted AI with open arms.

One of its most amazing qualities is that it does not just translate text- it can also translate images, street signs and even speech! Big companies like Facebook and Google have turned to AI to provide solutions for their translation needs.

Neural machine translation is essentially the automatic translation of one language into another language. But it is quite a bit more complex than that. NMT makes use of state-of-the-art technology and coding applications to provide fast and accurate translations. The best thing about Neural Machine Translation is that the system can learn, and easily improve upon previous translations, if given corrections.

While we are definitely not the only translation service that makes use of AI technology, we believe that the combination of AI, neural machine learning and human input is what sets us apart and gives us an edge over our competitors.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides the decentralized base for our ICO and related applications. It allows us to harness a vast amount of data in the most effective manner without having to rely on a vulnerable, centralized point.

Decentralized computing also costs a lot less than conventional methods, and this allows us to give back to our community. We aim to reward community members which provide accurate translations and share computing power.

Finally, Blockchain also provides us with security. The system is virtually impossible to hack and you can rest assured that your personal details and confidential translation content is completely secure.

Human Input

At TranslateMe, we believe that the human input aspect of our translation services is perhaps the most important. It is what sets us apart from many other algorithms, and it is what allows us to offer translations that include all the humor and nuances that you sometimes lose with translation that relies purely on machines.

The fact that human input is an important part of our process means that our users can sleep easy knowing that they won’t run the risk of mistranslations. With each language having so many similar words that have so many different meanings, context is everything!

The best part about our human input method, is that we plan to reward our users! In exchange for providing suggested translation. You don’t have to be a translator to help improve the machines understanding, you just need to understand what the machine is trying to say and give a better version (Machines take all data and find patterns in suggestions so no validation is needed by humans), we will also utilize translators and they can expect to earn in our very own cryptocurrency, TMN!

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