When can we make a difference? There is a difference, and it didn’t arrive via Silicon Valley. Photo by Daniel Ebersole on Unsplash.

The Legacy, and the Upstart

Wasted time is … wasted time. Has legacy social become the pariah of wasted time?

Habits. Periodical publishers love our propensity of doing the same thing day in and day out. Repeating the same activity over and over is the publisher’s lifeline to existence. Knowing is security, our human nature.

Our need to see, taste, be heard drives content. Sometimes in not very savory ways. We continue to consume more media every day.

Media marvels demand attention. Many consumers gobble it up. Others try their best to refrain.


Legacy media constantly transforms with market demands. Legacy being print, TV, radio, and the now huge tech web.

Our largest tech, I believe, accidentally stumbled into the perfect markets, our most basic human desire to connect with each other. In doing so, they created an alternative reality, a virtual reality. Expanding. Enlightening. Exposed … with lots of baggage.

We hang on. The values are too great to lose. Unfortunately, problems have become too great to manage with another algorithm. Computers are smart … not that smart, or persistent problems would end easily.

We witnessed Facebook facing huge charges of social injustice, not the ideal and naïve approach of community sharing. Who thought Facebook, with their appeal to connect family, could turn into a political charge agent of hate. All the original founders wanted was a means to connect virtually.

In the early days, legacy social models had to open their doors as large as they could to activate all possibilities. With great success, they transformed media. When they chose to offer their companies stock, obligations warped perspectives further. Nothing was going to stop them with the risk of failure close to their heals, even personal information.

Legacy media resists change, because change costs. Until the media outlets have no choice. Move on, or buy up. Some times to the benefit of society. Other times to its detriment.

The Upstart

While the National Enquirer may appeal to some, it doesn’t appeal to all. Legacy social media has become the haven for the indulgent. Some wonderful stuff. Some horrible. How can we depart from this exposure while being so consumed by the media’s advantages?

We must put more value into what we value, our interests. Our interests: cars, reading, sewing, cooking, exercise, engineering … you name it. Focusing our thoughts will move us to where we want to be quicker, leaving behind lots of nonsense.

The future of our world depends on our ability to adapt to different situations. We are not going to see the future clearly when we are so inundated by useless information.

The Upstart focuses on social interests, leaves behind much of the exposure legacy models have had to succumb to. The advantage of social interest is constructive 10 fold.

Find a community of like minds networking, and growing together while expanding everyone’s abilities. A focused community where regional members can “pin” lessons, live and virtual events, party announcements, videos of music jams, etc., expanding within regions and the world, goes beyond today’s legacy offerings. Go a step further allowing any member to financially profit with focused interests, builds economic diversity. Economic diversity, as we approach an automated world, will be a necessity as populations increase.

Muezbiz is the Uber of digital distribution … without car investment. Music is our first vertical market.

John Cole, founder/lead developer Muezbiz.com

Working hard bringing music publishing back from the brink by paying neighbor representatives a share of member published music.

Muezbiz is a startup.“Pin to your MusicHood BULLETIN. Discover everything musical in your hometown, and in hometowns everywhere” Buy from someone local with interest media filtered by region.

All new members joining are forwarded to Santa Fe Folk/Americana conversation social timeline to see how the site works. Defaults can be changed at any time via the Preference menu under member’s name at the top.