The Power of Intention in all its Economic Might

What we do in life echoes for eternity. The words we speak can never be withdrawn. The letters written on a screen codify existence.

Chris Knight
Aug 29 · 7 min read

Thoughts have been underrated for a very long time.

Perhaps the last stronghold of privacy today is your mind. Your mind produces thoughts. If you think words to yourself no one can tell what you are thinking. Self-professed words maintain in an impenetrable mind fortress. Technology cannot break through your mind.

How can something as small as a thought influence an economy? Let’s find out together.


You can’t keep your thoughts to yourself. Really. Thoughts do manifest themselves. The secondary driver of human action after instinct and intuition are your thoughts. Thoughts shape your actions, behaviors, and emotions. These thoughts create feelings which are impressionable onto others.

Compassion and empathy are great facilitators in relationships.

We have all heard the saying, “This just feels right.”

With little to no apparent explanation people can cease businesses, fire sale stocks, get divorced, grow suspicious, or go all in on nothing more than “gut”.

Emotions can overpower logic. Despite the lack of desire for people to associate reason with emotions, reasoning is greatly influenced by emotions (Source: RATIONALITY AND EMOTIONS IN TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING THEORY: A NEUROBIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE, Dr. Taylor, Edward, Antoich University Page 314).

Many refuse to recognize how emotions influence the outcomes we see.

Everything starts and ends in our head. An economy is nothing more than a consortium of people. People feel and people think. How people feel and think is the bed rock of economic success or failure.

This is true on a micro scale and a macro scale.

Mental health is the most important factor in good economic output.


Our economy is fueled by fear. We are afraid of a pandemic. We possess fear from police brutality. Stock market trading is driven by words on a tweet (thank you Trump). Uncertainty is at an all time high. I read an article here on Medium from an author believing a violent revolution will occur.

Fear has measurable economic impacts. Major economies were predicted to lose at least 2.4 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP) over 2020 recently.

Leading economists reduced their 2020 forecasts of global economic growth due to the unrest caused by COVID. This reduction resulted in a decrease from 3.0 percent to 2.4 percent.

To illustrate this nominal number, prior to COVID global GDP was estimated at around 86.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. A 0.4 percent decrease in economic growth is nearly 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars.

Fear-based emotions, rationalized by fear-based thoughts, caused fear based economic impact.


My own experiences taught me important lessons. Among the small amount of lessons, taught to me by personal experiences, I learned something very valuable. There is truth in harboring correct thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

People can feel when a person is dishonest, lacks empathy, or is inconsiderate. People can also feel if a person has an ulterior motive. This is called “intuition”.

Some will disregard intuition for money, perception, fame or some other abstract goal. Often people who disregard intuition have very chaotic lives.

It is possible to gain everything you want without asking for anything. Some say this is crazy. How can a person gain everything if they have asked for nothing?


Intention is action. When you start off with a person of means and your sole purpose is to help them you will find life has a certain generosity towards value. Helping them cannot be general. Cheerleaders are great but not what gets you where you need to be. You must possess a skill or craft.

The value I am talking about is real, tangible intrinsic value. Skill and craft are not the value. Skill and craft are “useful”. So, you must combine value with usefulness to see proper impact.

There can be no monetary value placed on a person who: 1) has loyalty, 2) has character, 3) is honest, 4) has integrity and 5) applies useful skills to help the one that really needs it.

These attributes are among the most valuable things to exist. Good people who are in positions of power, influence, and economic means often recognize this.

When educated people adopt a stance (en masse) of putting character, integrity and morals to the forefront of their skill application something happens. The power of these thoughts influence the macroeconomic scale by starting with the micro economic level (i.e. your own personal situation).

All of us doing our part can do something great.


I am fortunate to know a legend in the music industry. I am fortunate to know a man who is a legendary guitarist. This man is part of the legacy era (think Jackson 5, Earth, Wind & Fire, et cet). For privacy I will omit his name. He is a longtime friend and we know each other by a series of fortunate events (more me than him).

As a friend my primary concern is for his well-being. As a friend my primary concern is for his protection. As a friend my primary concern for him is to protect him from those that have no concern for him.

The entertainment industry can be very dangerous. Often entertainment business can be cutthroat. This truth is very evident when groundbreaking ideas come out to change landscapes.

When I took his call, I realized what position he was in. (I will withhold what he called for privacy reasons).

I agreed but told him I would only do so if I received no money.

Yes I said that…“No Money.”

My goal was simple. If I truly want to help someone (who is my friend) I need to place myself in a position above reproach. Others will seek to tear down my recommendations because it will not be in their best interest. I am not here for others. I am here for my friend and I need everyone to know that.

For who can argue against a person who has no monetary interest in a transaction?

Since I have no economic benefit one way or another when I give a recommendation…it is because it means what I mean it to be.

My intention is, “This is what is best for my friend.”

What do I gain? I do get something…but it is not money. Nor do I want it. I have never been money motivated nor will I ever be.

There is something else of value that I gain. True value is recognition for what you are, having people listen to you when you are talking and making others ask “How could I get someone like him in my life?”


After involving myself in these conversations and meetings people began to ask me what I wanted. Obviously, I want something and am keen to pursue it. What do I want? It’s simple…I want more people to read this story. I want more people to read my articles. I want more people to listen to the words I speak and the words I write.

So, what do you think I am getting in return? I’ll let you all figure that one out. Better yet maybe in a few months you will see the economic effect pure thoughts and intentions can have. Maybe I will just cite this article as an illustration for the power of success in 6 months’ time. After all…you know I like to make predictions that come true.

To your knowledge success!


About Christopher: Christopher Knight Lopez is a Professional Entrepreneur. Christopher has opened over 7 businesses in his 14-year career. Christopher’s purpose is to take advantage of various market-driven opportunities. Christopher is a certified Master Project Manager (MPM), Master Financial Planner (MFP) and Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). Christopher previously held his Series 65 securities license examination. Christopher also has his General Lines — Life, Accident, Health & HMO. Christopher has managed a combined 286mm USD in reported Assets Under Management & Assets Under Advisement. Christopher has work experience in 29 countries, raised over 50mm USD for various businesses, and grossed over 8.0mm in his personal career. Christopher worked in the highly technical industries of: biotechnology, finance, securities, manufacturing, real estate, and residential mortgages. Christopher is a United States Air Force Veteran. Christopher has a passion for family, competitive sports, fishing, martial arts and advocacy for entrepreneurs. Christopher provides self-help classes for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Christopher’s passion to mentor comes from belief that entrepreneurs need guidance. The world is full of conflicting information about entrepreneur identity. See more at

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be a form of investment advice or financial advice. Do not apply this situation to your own personal circumstance. Various risks include: business risk, investment risk, political risk, and other risks. This information is for informational and educational purposes only. Please do not reach out to the author for any investment strategies or philosophies. Please consult your own financial advisor or legal advisor for your own circumstance. Not a recommendation or endorsement of any kind.

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from confusion to clarity not insanity

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Chris Knight

Written by

Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, a Master Project Manager, Financial Analyst, & Master Financial Planner

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity not insanity

Chris Knight

Written by

Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, a Master Project Manager, Financial Analyst, & Master Financial Planner

Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity not insanity

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