The Sharder Hub and Box: The Hardware Of The Shard

Introduction: The Sharder Protocol’s Hardware Devices

The Sharder Protocol Is A Cross-Chain Distributed Data Storage Solution For All Public Blockchains!

The Sharder Protocol provides investors with the unique ability to profit from their micro-node miners, enabling passive income for an individuals entire life. The year 2019 will be the year that will be a hallmark of the success of our beloved protocol, with the advent of our Hub’s and Boxes being launched to the entirety of the world. The Sharder Protocol is now testing their Hub’s in preparation for it’s final release to the populous. The Sharder Hub is a micro-node miner that connects to the Sharder network and mines transactions that occur within the Sharder Network. Simultaneously, the Sharder Box is a hardware device that enables individuals to receive a multi-fold of monetary rewards for playing different roles within the Protocol. A few examples of the potential roles that nodes can utilize for monetary compensation are a storer, prover, watcher and miner. A storer sounds exactly what it is; a storer is tasked to provide disk capacity for data storage, this enables that node to receive rewards for providing storage to the network for consumers who are longing for the use of our Protocol’s data storage services. A prover is a role embedded within the Sharder Protocol that converts data into digital assets which then adds public credibility to data. Prover’s evidence data, combined with original data objects will be recorded on chain. All data is traceable and immutable due to the immutable features that are embedded within blockchain technology. Watchers are the overseers of the network and prevent any malicious software or node from acting on sabotaging the network or tampering with it as a whole. Watchers observes the entire network state, checks the security state according to the security strategy, and fixes existing or potential loopholes. Watchers will be constantly online to ensure the protection and the integrity of the entire network. They are essential for the rapid convergence of the whole network, and perfect for data indexing. When utilizing the Sharder Box, an individual will, like an MMORPG, will play these classes and then perpetuate the security, maturity and integrity of the network while simultaneously being compensated it in SS coins. The Sharder Box and Hub enables passive income for life!

The Token Of The Shard: Its Role Within Sharder’s Hardware Devices

The Sharder Token Plays A Pivotal Role Within The Sharder Ecosystem

The Sharder Token plays a pivotal role within the Sharder Ecosystem. It is utilized as a means of exchange for services that are used throughout the ecosystem, including the d’apps that are built within The Sharder Ecosystem such as Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Box and One Fair. For example, the Sharder Token can be used to purchase data within the ecosystem, perpetuated the monetary maturity of the value of the token as the Sharder Ecosystem continues to grow. When utilizing The Sharder Hub and Box, a minimum amount of SS must be staked to earn rewards which adds a value proposition to the network. As of right now nothing is set in stone, however, rumors are circulating that a minimum of 20k SS must be staked when utilizing the Hub and 100k SS must be staked when utilizing the Box. This provides an incentivization to purchase the token for passive monetary compensation, simultaneously, Sharder is DPOS (Delegated Proof Of Stake), meaning that the more Sharder tokens an individual stakes, the larger the chance of that particular node to mine more blocks within the Sharder Network and receive more rewards. There are multiples avenues that perpetuate the value of the token as the Sharder Ecosystem begins to mature and is utilized on a global stage! Lastly, not only can an individual mine Sharder Token when utilizing the Hub, an individual miner can mine IPFS Filecoin as well! This will enable individuals to choose whether they want to mine Sharder Coin or IPFS Filecoin!

Testing Testing: The Progress Of The Sharder Hub

Over The Course Of The Last Two Months, Testers From Around The World Are Testing Our Hub’s

Over the course of the last two months, forty testers were granted the ability and the privilege to test our Sharder Hub Micro-Node Miners. The testing has been nothing short of a success for every single person who is testing our network around the globe. To date, from the beginning of testing, no bugs have been reported and the setup process for the Hub is extremely easy and we provide a manual on how to setup the Hub. Miner’s can compete for a piece of the daily 61,500 SS rewards that are up for grabs that any node can receive by mining transactions within The Sharder Network. The Sharder Team is aiming to release the Sharder Hubs for global release by the end of Q4 2018 and by the latest, Q1 2019. Simultaneously, The Sharder Box will release early next year, so an individual can purchase both the Box and the Hub, connecting two active nodes to the network and then receiving passive income for the rest of their life through the use of our hardware. The cost of the Sharder Hub as it stands will be in the vicinity of $100-$199 dollars per unit. The more Hub’s you purchase, the more passive income you receive when staking your SS tokens as a whole, providing monetary benefit for those who utilize our Hub and Box! As more nodes are connected to the network by one individual, the better chance they will have to mine blocks as a whole. The testing of the Sharder Hub’s will conclude within the coming weeks, as we prepare for a global launch of The Sharder Hub! Since November 4th, 2018, I have not had any difficulties running my Sharder Hub nor has there been any bugs reported throughout the entirety of the network.

Conclusion: The Mathematical Equation Of The Sharder: Staking + Hub= Passive Income For Life

Sharder Enables Individuals To Obtain Passive Income For Life

The Sharder Hub is an inexpensive hardware device that enables an individual node to reap monetary benefits when utilizing the Hub or the Box. Purchasing the Sharder Hub for a mere $100-$199 dollars to just obtain that money back through receiving monetary compensation is a great economic opportunity for all! The Sharder Hub is nearing the completion of its testing phase, and the team is beginning to prepare for final production and release of the Sharder Hub. It is a privilege to state that no bugs have been recorded during testing of the Hub; it sets a precedent for the hard work that the Sharder Team has put in these Hub’s as we prepare to embark on our journey to garner exposure and attention from a global audience through the Sharder Hub and Box, our revolutionary products that enable individuals to receive passive income for life!

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing requires substantial risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose! I am not a financial advisor and I am not responsible for any of your trades. I am an investor of Sharder Token and the information within this article represent my own thoughts and opinions. It is incumbent that you always do your own research before investing in anything.