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The Top 30 Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2020

Hardik Vishwakarma
Jan 2, 2019 · 10 min read

“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.” — Malcolm Forbes, Forbes

When it comes to recruiting, it probably is the most challenging and disconcerting process for the HRs or recruiting team of any company. Within the whole hiring process and amidst all the different stages, posting jobs, managing and streamlining applications is popularly considered the most hectic task in the hiring industry. Ideally, a company’s hiring process should be as effective and efficient as possible and for this, it becomes highly imperative to accept only qualified and best-suited performers to save both finances and time. It seems like a daunting process, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be!

best applicant tracking system 2020, top applicant tracking system, best recruiting software, ats comparison, free ats tool
best applicant tracking system 2020, top applicant tracking system, best recruiting software, ats comparison, free ats tool
Applicant Tracking System in 2020

Over the last decade, recruiters have effectively entrusted the hiring process to modern-day technology or speaking more technically, Applicant Tracking Systems. An Applicant Tracking System is software whose basic function is to electronically automate the filtering, organizing, and streamlining the job applications according to the preferences and criteria mentioned in the job opening.

There are a number of ATSs developing over the recent years as the trend set in and digitization took over the recruitment scenario. With so many options available, it becomes extremely difficult to decide which ATS to consider and which to overlook. Which ATS is the most appropriate and can prove to be effective for your HR team? Don’t worry, we got your back. To solve this dilemma of recruiters, we have shortlisted and compiled this article of the top 30 best Applicant Tracking Systems which recruiters shouldn’t miss considering in 2020.

1. Recooty

Unique Feature- Recooty is also known as the world’s easiest recruiting software because of its simplicity & efficiency. It has unbelievably affordable pricing, also the basic plan is absolutely free.

2. Greenhouse

Unique Feature- Greenhouse is an ultimate and complete HR administration system. Recruiters are able to manage current, as well as prospective customers effectively at the same time. Recruiters can benefit from this to analyze the performance and efficiency of candidates and also compare them.

3. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Unique Features- The service of Oracle Taleo depends heavily on social media platforms' sourcing tools. Recruiting candidates through social media makes the job application available and accessible through smartphones which leads to increased employee referrals.

4. BambooHR

Unique Feature- BambooHR basically flourishes because of its reporting capabilities. Not only Equal Employment Opportunity reports, but also benefit reports can be pulled out using BambooHR ATS. And this feature of BambooHR is also supported on mobiles.

5. Zoho Recruit

Unique Feature- Zoho Recruit provides recruiters and job seekers with a list of active job openings, displays them in chronological order with open fields so that applicants can submit their applications immediately. It also lets recruiters select criteria for their applicants to respond to and Zoho automatically rejects the applicants who do not fulfill the criteria.

6. BreezyHR

Unique Feature- BreezyHR simply provides a clear and precise vision of the applicants and in what stage they are. The drag and drop management system allows recruiters to have absolute control over candidates.

7. JobVite

Unique Feature- Recruiters can efficiently create customizable and branded career websites that feature their brand, applications, forms, and more.

8. SAP SuccessFactors

Unique Feature:- SAP SuccessFactors offers a comprehensive HCM suite along with the assurance of global expertise. It allows recruitment transactions and helps you in the management of various aspects of HR.

9. iCIMS Talent

Unique Feature- iCims is a globally leading brand for talent acquisition with over 3000 businesses and organizations as happy and satisfied clients.

10. Jazz HR

Unique Feature- It effectively allows users to access the hiring in various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, all at the same time and same platform.

11. Ulti Pro

Unique Feature- UltiPro’s unique feature is it’s Succession Management feature that enables recruiters to create and implement proactive plans for professional and career growth of employees.

12. Workable

Unique Feature- Workable doesn’t charge anything for installation or setup which allows recruiters to get started just within 10 minutes. The platform also allows teams to collaborate and work together on various hiring decisions.

13. Lever

Unique Feature- Lever gives all of the recruitment data through its analytic tools and recruitment metrics, which makes it very easy for recruiters to draft their progress reports.

14. Clear Company

Unique Feature- The unique feature of ClearCompany is that it provides automated checks and verification of candidates. In this way, recruiters know exactly what kind of candidates they’re hiring.

15. IBM Kenexa

Unique Feature- Its assessment features and capabilities are all powered by IBM Watson analytics because of which the process of identification of best fit is pretty quick.

16. Newton

Unique Feature- Newton is basically designed and programmed to give recruiters and their team unparalleled visibility into their recruitment process from the initial stage.

17. Comeet

Unique Feature- With Comeet, recruiters can involve multiple HR professionals and candidates in the hiring process. This helps in the filling of the vacancy quickly.

18. FreshTeam

Unique Feature- It effectively automated and takes care of all the recruitment tasks and chores by managing job postings, sourcing candidates, and more.

19. Bullhorn

Unique Feature- Bullhorn stands out as a combination of both, an ATS and a CRM software for recruiting firms and staffing. It’s extremely easy to use and gives fast results. If anything goes wrong, the system effectively notified the recruiter to avoid major problems.

20. ApplicantStack

Unique Feature- The team of ApplicantStack comprises former recruiters and HR executives. So they exactly know the core of all recruiting issues and problems and how to solve them.

21. PeopleFluent

Unique Feature:- PeopleFluent provides excellent talent management software and learning solutions that help organizations to realize the full potential of its workforce.

22. SilkRoad

Unique Feature:- SilkRoad allows its candidates, employees, and recruiters to share job openings on their various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

23. Zoho Recruit

Unique Feature:- By creating a customized career webpage, Zoho Recruit enhances the visibility of company job openings. Also, Zoho Recruit extends its reach by using popular job boards.

24. JobScore

Unique Features:- JobScore is the first direct employer-to-employer resume sharing network. With this feature, employers can create a better pipeline.

25. SnapHire

Unique Features:- SnapHire delivers all the tools that recruiters need to hire and retain the best people for their organization.

26. PCRecruiter

Unique Feature:- The Applicant Pipeline feature of PCRecruiter provides a drag and drop interface that allows moving applicants easily from through consecutive stages and automatically following up with form letters and keeping a complete history.

27. Recruiterbox

Unique Feature:- The system of Recruiterbox allows its users to customize the various steps involved in the hiring process.

28. CATS

Unique Feature:- CATS offers different add on for Word, Outlook, and social media.

29. Atomic Hire

Unique Feature:- Atomic Hire has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that makes managing the recruitment pipeline extremely easy.

30. CleverStaff

Unique Feature:- Cleverstaff provides a client portal for recruiting and staffing agencies to let their clients know about the open positions.

I hope this list helps you make a better decision. We tried to collect data from different sources to help you find the best applicant tracking system, still, the data can vary according to date, time & other factors.

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