The Official List of the Best Profiles on the Internet

I’ve read thousands of profiles since I started writing The Profile, a weekly newsletter featuring the best long-form articles of interesting people and companies.

The stories have included high-profile figures like Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Jay-Z, and Harrison Ford. But they’ve also included some not-so-high profile people like the man who de-activated Donald Trump’s Twitter account and the woman who brought Uber to its knees.

If you’ve got a long flight coming up or you simply want to learn a lesson or two from the world’s most successful, here’s a comprehensive list of the best long-form profiles on the Internet. Enjoy.

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October 2018

The prince of fraud & the woman running a $45 billion empire

September 2018

The king of venture capital & the crypto cop who switched sides
The LeBron James of short selling & the space company that almost failed
The founder who ‘broke democracy’ & the pet startups mistreating humans
The world’s richest man & the male feminism camp
The Steve Jobs of beauty & the most obsessive billionaire in America

August 2018

The world’s most feared investor & the ultra-secretive tech CEO
Virgin Galactic’s rocket man & the blockchain democracy
The PayPal Mafia & the spy inside of al-Qaeda
 — The billionaire yogi & the John Gotti of Amsterdam

July 2018

SpaceX’s secret weapon & the crypto cult leader
The American hostage abroad & the company making hair loss cool
The female billionaire taking on Elon Musk & the moonshot factory
The man who can’t feel fear & the world’s most exclusive dating app

June 2018

The woman behind your Netflix addiction & the biggest rivalry in business
Silicon Valley’s secret dealmaker & the drone warriors
Wall Street’s king of crypto & the breakup boot camp
New York’s biggest con artist & the reporter who rose from the dead

May 2018

The unicorn killer & the crypto capitalists inside J.P. Morgan
The celebrity cult leader & the queen of dating apps
The billion-dollar horse gambler & the kingpins of Amazon
The world’s most elite traders’ club & the Tinder ghostwriters

April 2018

The leader of a fallen empire & Beyoncé’s personal bodyguard
The prince re-shaping the Middle East & the gym for your face
The man who lost $800K Bitcoins & Trump’s tweeter-in-chief
Wall Street’s biggest gambler & the gang informant
The most disruptive man in football & the Golden State killer

March 2018

The investor who wants to fix capitalism & the volcano diver
The billionaire king of private equity & the most ignorant man in America
The secret life of an Olympic champion & the Trump whisperer
The cybercriminal who saved the world & the brain company uploading your memories

February 2018

The Italian loose in the White House & Hollywood’s biggest dealmaker
The politician backed by Bitcoin & the only human in Antarctica
The NBA’s secret wine club & the collapsing social network
America’s national nightmare & the NBA talent factory

January 2018

The $100 billion man & the dad-turned-Instagram star
The mastermind behind Amazon & the VC living in the future
The billionaire who lost his company & football’s most powerful friendship
The astronaut chasing Mars & Silicon Valley’s spin master

December 2017

The rap mogul who cries & the man who silenced Trump
The founding father of venture capital & the loan mafia
The first Bitcoin billionaires & the Olympic champion with no self-esteem
Hollywood’s most powerful actress & the man who built Ethereum

November 2017

America’s new power couple & the world’s fastest dad
The men behind the Valley’s messiest breakup and America’s love doctor
The company spying on your money & the unlikely Twitter troll
The private prisons running America & Bulgaria’s most infamous gangster

October 2017

Nick Saban, Scooter Braun & Chrissy Teigen
The astronaut preparing for Mars & the Iron Man of Silicon Valley
The secret billionaires driving addiction & the couple building trust with terrorists
The millennial Walt Disney & the $3 billion disappearing act

September 2017

The crazy billionaire brothers & the immortal startup founder
The scientist playing God and the man built on conflict
The NFL’s most polarizing athlete & the most hated company in America
The Facebook for athletes & the bodega owner moonlighting as a TV star

August 2017

The NBA player who stared death in the eye & the housewife-turned-beer billionaire
The terrorist whisperer & the double agent living in your house
The woman taking us to Mars & the billion-dollar sex tape empire
The unapologetic female billionaire & the man addicted to war

July 2017

The startup reading your genetic secrets & the man hiding in Elon Musk’s shadow
The first Bitcoin criminal & the unlikely power couple
The doctor leading a secret double life & the king of Wall Street
Silicon Valley’s most radical family & the baddest woman in Hollywood

June 2017

The therapist who will fix your love life & the clickbait empire that collapsed in 9 months
A mysterious billionaire, a bounty hunter, and a $900K/week CEO
The sloth of Silicon Valley & the baseball God living a double life
The corporate drug dealer & the millennial making $700K flipping burgers

May 2017

The NFL player who says prison saved his life & the TedX of Failure
The actor trying to ‘feel life’ and the Fyre company that went up in flames
The entrepreneur who’s not sure he’s an a**hole and the company allergic to capitalism
The most important rapper in America & the company that lets you edit the news

April 2017

The hardest working man on Wall Street and the digital country club
The tech exec coping with life after death & the company reading your mind
The guy who stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey & the urban farming accelerator
The couple that earns six-figures to travel the world & the Apple of Appliances
The unstoppable 22-year-old entrepreneur & the company merging your brain with a computer

March 2017

The America-loving immigrant billionaire & the ‘cheerful cult’ business
The magician manipulating your emotions & the company building a pizza empire
The basketball prodigy & the “adulting school” for lazy millennials
The man who makes founders cry & the company that rents out dogs

February 2017

The woman who helps humanize murderers & the Silicon Valley of space exploration
The really boring billionaire & the heartbreak cleanse

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