The Waves Internet Model.

A waves model for explaining the internet’s growth.

THE INTERNET WAVES MODEL — A model for explaining the Internet’s Growth to Rocket Scientists, and to everyone else.

A Needed Fresh Approach

So Where do you start?

The internet has grown in waves.

A model to describe the persistent availability of internet; and how it relates to current and future priorities.

What it all means | Why a Wave

The Waves:

The first wave: Internet of your desk.

THE FIRST WAVE : Desk Internet.

The second wave: Internet of your pocket.

THE SECOND WAVE : Mobile Internet.

The third wave: Internet of the world.

THE THIRD WAVE : Physical Internet.

The fourth wave: Internet of you.

THE FOURTH WAVE : Internet of You.

The internet comes in waves

Why Now?

How to explain and prioritizing the next big things

The First time I presented the waves modes was 2013 giving the Keynote at the European Space Agency Innovation Forum.

An Internet for Space

The New Internet Needs to Become Personal

The internet comes in waves

The stage of internet evolution

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from confusion to clarity, not insanity