Google employees in London join the global protest (Image: Daily Express)

Thousands of Google employees staged walkouts in offices around the world earlier this month in protest at the company’s bias toward white males in its hiring policy and the alleged protection of senior employees accused of sexual harassment and assault. Staff in London, Zurich, Dublin, Haifa, Tokyo, Singapore and its Silicon Valley headquarters arranged protests backed by management, after a post on Google’s internal social network suggesting a “women’s walk” gained hundreds of votes.

What has happened here is partly due to the politicisation of education, Google (a company this blog has no sympathy for,) can now only recruit people who thought they might be very clever at solving mathematical equations, have been indoctrinated with the Cultural Marxist dogmas of the far left. Thus the groupthink nurtured by liberal-dominated media is never challenged. It must have come as a shock to many of the staff to find their workplace was not a ‘safe space’ and that as in other organisations the ability to develop a thick skin is an essential qualification. This is not the first we have heard of the political monoculture fostered by Google’s senior management:

It was back in September 2016 that the world first heard of James Damore a software engineer employed by Google who became so pissed off with the tech and world domination giant hypocritical posturing on issues of political correctness he blew the whistle and revealed that the company’s ‘equal opportunities’ hiring policy was not quite as equal as their public relations information liked to pretend. Google’s technical staff were predominantly male Damore revealed, before going all out off message by stating that scientific studies showed men were biologically better equipped than women for certain roles. More >>>.

In this latest example of how quickly the Politically Correct Thought Police turn on their strongest supporters at the first sign on deviation from ‘the agenda,’ more than a thousand employees at the company’s head office in Mountain View, California, paraded outside the building carrying signs that said “Stand up for Google women” and “Act now for our future”. Staff chanted “Women’s rights are workers’ rights”, and “Not OK, Google!”

Hundreds of employees at its San Francisco office staged a similar walkout, holding signs with “Don’t Be Evil”, the company’s original motto, printed on it.

Forget Google’s politically correct posturings, all employees have a right to be treated fairly and with respect in the workplace and if this is not happening, if an employer is turning a blind eye to unacceptable behaviour towards some employees they are failing in their duty of care, but we can be sure Google is aware of this but think they are above the law,(My publishing operation, Greenteeth Digital Publishing has always said Google’s published motto was incomplete — the real corporate motto was “Don’t be evil, that’s our job.”)

Meirav Rotsten, an employee who took a leading role in the protest, said: “We’re here to collectively stand up and say ‘No, no more, not here’.”

Professional and admin staff set up a stage and took turns to share their experiences of harassment and bullying they claim to have been subjected to while employed by Google. One software developer said that she would not encourage her children to consider working in technology, claiming it would be like to “sending lambs to the slaughter”.

Cathay Bi, one of the protest group’s leaders, said: “I experienced sexual harassment at Google and did not feel safe talking about it. That feeling of not being safe is why we are here today.”

Another employee involved in organising the event said: “Boy did I underestimate how big this was going to be.”

One wonders how naive these silly females are to accept jobs in an organisation that by its nature will always be organised not just by men, but by nerds, socially dysfunctional men whose lack or interpersonal skills and personal hygiene deficiencies mean that not only will they be sex starved, but, obsessives that they are, they also have little idea where the line that separates exploratory flirting from sexual harassment is drawn. Google’s institutional hypocrisy on ethical issues arising from behaviour in the workplace has already been exposed by James Damore (sic) who exposed the gulf between the politically correct standards Google’s PR department preaches in public and what actually happens in the workplace.

One of the problems at Google is that senior management, fêted by politicians and media alike for creting a not very remarkable search tool but building into it features which would aid the security agencies bid to surveil all of us all the time,) encouraged employees to believe there was something special about people who worked for Google or other tech giants.

With a thirty year career in Information Technology I can only say I would be surprised to learn this problem is general in the industry rather than specific to the pressure cooker environment of Google, or something rarely encountered beyond Silicon Valley. Though I spent my career in general business environments rather than technical environments which attract weirdos, I can’t recall any serious cases of harassment. Most of the programmers and technical staff were stable and responsible people who were in perfectly healthy relationships. So maybe the problem is peculiar to Google after all, we know their tracking of our online activity is creepy, who knows what other creepyness exists behind closed doors in such an intense corporate culture?

It is understood the protesters also have concerns about inequalities in the number of women, blacks, gays and transgendered people Google hires. As somebody who believes Google’s abuse of users privacy and their secret tracking of individuals strayed over the line between creepy and downright criminal years ago, this is good news.

While we should sympathise with employees who have been subjected to harassment or bullying, especially if they were singled out because they are women, ethnic minorities, LGBT or did not conform to the corporate nerd norm in any other way, the protesters will only lose credibility by pushing too far. One of the issues raised by Damore is the imbalance in demographics on the payroll which is dominated by white males apparently. In a way that is no surprise, although I am sure SJWs will be outraged by this information, several recent studies have confirmed that European and Asian males do out perform females and other ethnic groups in technical and logical roles. However, if Google is forced by its SJW staff to start hiring on the basis of ethnic or sexual identity rather than professional or technical merit, the company’s fortunes will soon start to decline.