Top 12 Ways How Big Data Boosts Business Efficiency And Productivity

Top 12 Ways How Big Data Boosts Business Efficiency And Productivity

Business data is not a new term rather some information that remained in the dark without getting attended for a long time. Today by making use of innovative tools, businesses are trying to understand and learn even from complex databases. This helps them to look for some beneficial patterns which can help them make wise business decisions. Big data analytics does not only deal with structured data but also looks into the unstructured ones that come from social media videos, blogs, tweets, etc. All these kinds of data help business to improve productivity by helping with the competition. Here information is gathered from different sources and all of them together help the business make better decisions and plan things for business success.
There was a time when only tech geeks were interested in big data solutions but today, businesses are using this information to beat the competition.
Some of the top ways to use these data or the way these data are helping businesses are:

Productivity with Data Analysis

For companies, productivity with data analysis has become crucial for innovation, to generate revenue and to compete in the market. Big data is used by data scientists to understand correlation with demands, production volume patterns and learn unstructured data patterns. One of the important ways to boost productivity for businesses today is big data analytics. Data-driven strategies for innovation are today followed by business competitors of startups and big enterprises. The unstructured data from blogs, videos, social media feeds and other sources are analyses so as to improve production quality using big data analytics. Using advanced analytics with big data, it becomes possible to develop predictive analysis for businesses. It becomes possible to ensure customer satisfaction and improve productivity by implementing high-performance analytics to improve different business processes.

A business will get to benefit from database marketing using data analysis for productivity. You can have new opportunities for scheduling new marketing campaigns with data analysis. This way you will have teams which are more productive to work for an organization to improve ROI. With increased productivity there will be better cash flow within the organization. The analytics will help to improve productivity through actionable insights.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence can work with big data and work more to develop techniques and help make decisions which can change the future of business. By making use of predictive analytics platforms, big data for business Intelligence helps business understand market demands and make intelligent predictions. For making real-time predictions, analysts are making use of special algorithms.

HR Analytics

For enhancing productivity, different industries are making use of HR analytics. One of the main challenges for HR managers is to collect large volumes of data to help with performance improvement. The organizations which are performing well are trying to use data for long-term and strategic planning.

It is possible to analyze the behavior of employees with Big Data for Office Productivity. To improve office productivity more and more number of companies are reaching out for big data. A good number of sensors like motion sensors, sensors to record activity, badge sensors, etc. are used by companies across the office verticals to monitor the activities of employees. Such collected data helps companies with employee surveys and work towards gaining employee satisfaction and enhance productivity. Companies are trying to know how the collected data which is based on employee interactions can help to improve workplace productivity.

Big Data in Real-Time

Big data in real-time can be used to understand the consumer choices, the confidence of consumer in brand and others. This clearly leads to predictive analytics. Large volumes of data help companies to use them in real-time to see theories work.

Complete Knowledge of Customers

When you go through customer data, you will get some basic information about the name, number, location and purchase history with the company. When you are trying to know the person, this information is not enough. When you are using big data, you will get to know more like the choices, shopping preferences, the device customer is using, etc. This way business will have a better idea about their target customers. The collected information will give an idea of how business can interact with customers. This has led to an increase in demand for big data development services.

Close Deals with Customer Intelligence

In order to execute campaigns, big data is playing a crucial role for sales and marketing. This is very important to know as customer intelligence has the power to break or make deals. The customer behavioral patterns that predictive analysis offers can be detected with it. This helps to know the prior campaigns which were productive and thus offer specific services to consumers located in said region. The bots which make use of big data has the power to help the salespeople close deals quickly and at the right time using accurate information. With big data, it is possible to even know the chances of closing the deal. This means businesses are saved from spending unwanted efforts and time on deals blindly.

By Analyzing Customer Calls Deploying Better Communications

With call centers being customer focused, it is possible to get suggestions for quality improvement with big data. It is possible for managers to identify the loopholes as they get to see into customer behavior, customer experience, operations and transactions. Again, customer experience can be improved by diverting the call to a more experienced agent when needed. The voice pitch and its tone can be analyzed in real-time and the agent can communicate in a better way.

Understanding The Recruiting Patterns

By opting for big data it will become possible to understand the issues related to the recruiting process. This way they will know the candidates who will not reach the end of the recruiting process. This will save unwanted spending on recruiting and training of the employees thereby. What things can work to retain the employees or what leads to the loss of talents can be known by HR analytics. The learned things can help the HR in their future decision-making process as well as to improve strategies.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Attracting customers towards the business is always the goal and with big data, it is possible to offer customized user experiences. Such offers can be introduced in a timely manner and can be applied to different areas. With data analytics it will become possible to know what the buyers are buying and when do they do it. Based on such inputs, marketing agents can take the necessary steps. Based on your budget, you can decide whom to reach and the frequency to market. Identifying the people who are not suitable for your products will simply bring down the need to reach them unnecessarily. All these things will ensure you are not spending any penny unnecessarily and use your campaign budget in the right direction.

Continuous Performance Improvements

Data plays a significant role in understanding employee or employees working in a team. The insights can help to know the areas of improvements and continually offer suggestions to make changes. Rather than making a single investment to make the changes, with big data it becomes possible to make regular changes that come continuously and so improvements can be made regularly based on that.

Helps to Make Well-Informed Decisions

The situations where opinions may change or vary can be controlled by data. It will help you make decisions based on the decisions taken in past. Moreover, by analyzing more data, it will become possible for getting better insights. Businesses will get smarter and get the power to change the expected outcome with that of data-driven one.

Helps with Revenue Gains

For many businesses, everything comes to the single most goal of making profits, more and ever more. Big data has the power to work in this area. It has been seen that by making small and regular changes to data, there can arise chances to make better business profits.


Big data is the single most way to collect and learn from all the kinds of information that can flow to the business through all possible channels. They are capable to get powerful insights which can change the future of the business. With the right use of the data, businesses will be able to reduce their efforts that they need to retain the existing customers as well as to attract new ones. The savings come in the form of efforts, time and yes money. With right business insights, business processes can be simplified and it can offer better employee experience at the workplace.

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