Trends that will rule in offshore software development in 2019

Lori Caricofe
Feb 7 · 4 min read
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The trend of is still popular, especially in the United States, where it is economically meaningful to outsource many back-end jobs to destinations like India. Today, most international IT companies rely on offshore software development companies because they bring innovation and productivity. No wonder, offshore software development will continue to be an important part of the global economy despite recent restrictions on political changes due to Trump administration.

Trends that are expected to get popular in the near future of web:

● Handling security issues with much advanced techniques and tools:

Security issues remain one of the main concerns in the field of offshore software development. The developers are deeply concerned about the security of data processed by offshore software developers and their customers are skeptical about the information and information they need to share with their service providers.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) and the more intelligent and less intelligent devices connect to the network, it is worrying that security holes will rise to an unprecedented level. Therefore, offshore software development companies must offer the best security practices, such as secure startup, firewall, and secure authentication mechanisms.

● Cloud computing and Big data: Two biggest assets of future technologies

Customers are aware of cloud-based data maintenance and require access to them. They are sufficiently mature to understand the potential of cloud services and therefore require rapid access to information from service providers. The concept of Hybrid Cloud is still popular with private clouds and public cloud computing solutions to meet customer needs. Thanks to cloud computing, large data formats are growing especially in large companies. Cloud Services are an important part of all offshore software development companies that play a key role in expanding the sales of software vendors. As cloud services become popular, companies are increasingly hosting their hosting solutions on cloud-based platforms.

● Automation to control the lack of human resources on the expected time:

Automation and robot processes help reduce workload dependency and reduce costs. This will help the company to offer solutions and services without relying on the unpredictability of human availability. The introduction of human resources in countries such as India becomes more difficult and forces companies to introduce more automation. It is said that even before the onset of visa applications, the company has gradually changed its system, which may have to reduce employees abroad. It is foreseen that offshore software development companies will be utilising this technology more often in the coming near future.

● Digitality is the way to go with each passing day for the businesses:

The trend of expert services on the internet was good last year, this time all of the Internet, which promotes development is the new digital trend. Now, every hardware has the ability to connect to the network in order to stay connected with the environment. This, however, helps to break the security agreement. More attention is paid to safety issues with the advancement paving the way into the IT world. Eventually, everything is connected, including consumables, home appliances, cars etc. We can happily call it IoT for sure.

● The development of cutting-edge web solutions is the latest option:

With the development of the offshore software development industry, people pay more attention to value-added services. By innovating and offering cutting-edge services, offshore software developers in countries like India can take their business to the next level. As a result, developers offer a variety of services from web development to application development. Offshore Android apps, iPhone apps, PHP developers, and WordPress developers are part of market development work.

● The bulk Virtual Work is providing endless opportunities in the coming years:

Today it is quite difficult and uneconomical to transfer human resources abroad due to visas, immigration, and other controls. The trend in virtual work is growing fast. With advanced technologies such as Skype and Slack, offshore software developers can more easily communicate with foreign customers. The opportunities offered due to the bulk of virtual work are endless. When people from different time zones are working for the same project, the project work never goes on halt! Instead, persons from the team are always there to handle the issues that may arise unexpectedly.


It can be concluded safely that offers so many benefits over traditional in-house development of websites, as well as apps and other kinds of software. With this, there are no worries about building an office or a workplace. The offshore team can go on working from their own workplaces wherever they feel comfortable. Moreover, they also have the independence to continue and stop their work according to their comfort. This adds to the flexibility of the working hours and gives no burden to the team.

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