Trends to watch out for in 2019

In 2017, I was at a nice dinner with a lot of nice and interesting people. I told them 2018 will be the year AI finally takes over marketing, and I predicted we’ll see a lot of teams changing the way they work because of that. People were very skeptical. Some ad agency salesmen even told me they have the solution, and I insisted that the solution was not an ad agency. It’s more in the direction of owning your data.

Later that week, I was pointing out marketing automation is becoming a reality. I pointed out how we can’t trust external companies to run our advertisement when we’re the ones who know our target clients best. A lot has changed since 2017, and looking at 2019, here are some of the trends I am marking as industry game changers. Make sure to follow.

Photo by from Pexels

Amazon Vs. Google on your wallet

Amazon keeps taking larger and larger shares out of Google’s product searches, but Google won’t stay out of the game. In 2019, Google will launch its Google wallet and shopping experience, making it possible to shop from one place without the need to sign up to multiple websites. This will adopt the models already adopted by Amazon, enabling resellers to use Amazon’s traffic to sell their product without needing to maintain a website or buy traffic.

Most likely, Facebook won’t stay behind either, and they’ll try to fight back against Amazon and Google. We’ll certainly see some interesting teams forming during the coming months.

In e-commerce, what should you watch for? Having an advertisement budget may not be enough. Soon, many small businesses with limited reach will experience a large decrease in traffic and will need to sell their items in one of the big 3 traffic creators. Clients will have enough selection, and sellers will fight over the client’s wallet by lowering prices, shipping costs and shipping time. This will most likely cause a lot of small business a huge loss of income.

AI will change our jobs

Round one was introduced in many organization’s AI. Now in 2019’s second round, teams will be split between a control group (developers, product managers) and the challengers (graphic designer, campaign manager, accountant). Why would we have two functions? 
The controller will create the base of the machine based on what it’s learned along the way.

The challenger will then tell the machine, “you know nothing, and I’ll prove it.” And the challenger will then prove the machine can do better.

In recent years, we had a lot of ups and downs with machine learning, and it came from the fact that people didn’t initially understand these machines. Their understanding was equal to a 3-year-old kid who can repeat behavior he sees but has no real control over his own thoughts.

What to watch out for? If you are a controller or a challenger, or wish to be the challenger, start gearing up now with ideas on how to challenge the machine.

Traffic and spending

Everyone likes to talk about fraud and bad traffic. It’s ok. We understand it became an issue, but it’s only because we’re still using traffic wrong and allowing the bad traffic to stick around. Changing our models of acquisition will change the market from one side to the other in so many ways. And don’t tell me it will always be there. Moving into goal-oriented marketing with willingness to pay more for quality traffic will put an end to traffic frauds. We should stop asking the cost and instead focus only on the value it creates. We should focus on whether the session is of higher quality compared to our organic users.

What to watch out for? How to evaluate good traffic. CPA isn’t enough, and ROI isn’t enough anymore either. Good traffic should be challenged by our top clients who produced our best traffic and use them as a benchmark.

I think these three areas will be interesting developments in 2019. What do you think will be 2019’s game-changer? And what will you do differently next year?