5 Best Forex Trading Apps In The Market

Jul 19 · 5 min read

The nature of the foreign exchange market is fast-moving, ever-changing and highly competitive. No wonder Forex is the largest financial market in the world with the turn over of more than $5 trillion per day.

According to the data published by The Economist, we can see the daily turnover of foreign exchange (Forex) market was $4 trillion in 2013.

A trading platform is a place that allows investors and traders to open, manage and close market position. With the evolvement of high-speed internet connection, smartphone and some best in class Forex Trading apps, it has become much convenient and easier to get real-time access to Forex at any time and anywhere.

So, when it comes to trading where your money is involved, you must be careful about choosing the best Forex trading app which can greatly contribute to your market opportunity, speed and, of course, the accuracy of your response to the movement of the price.

So, let’s review some of the very popular apps available in the market-

MetaTrader 5

It’s an excellent platform for mobile online trading on the forex and stock market.

MetaTrader 6 features-

· Real-time quotes

· All types of trading orders

· Full set of trade execution

· Trading history in details

· Free financial news and information

· Technical analysis

The MT5 app bridges the gap between the traders and brokers by connecting the traders to the brokers’ servers. As a trader, you can receive stock prices and currency exchange rates. This app also allows you to analyze the financial markets by using the charts and technical indicators. You can also trade and view all the history of your trading operations.

This app is completely free of cost and available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The development of this app is so good that you will find this and it features very useful.

NetDania Stock and Forex Trader

When it comes to making profitable forex trades, it’s important to get an understanding of the current market. NetDania helps you know the market in a very comprehensive manner by providing all the crucial data and strategies.

The best part of this app is that it compiles data from more than 20,000 financial instruments and thousands of real-time stocks.

Just like a personal trading assistant, this app also tells the users about the right time to enter or exit the market. This app is not only easy to use but also gives you real-time market news and updates within an economic calendar. You can share your strategy with the other traders and in that way, you can also learn new strategies from them.

This app is equipped with a very smart cloud technology which allows you to share and sync data across a huge range of devices.

To ensure that you are being constantly updated about the current market situation, you just need to sign up for the push notification.

This app is available in 18 languages and free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store, though there are in-app purchases.

TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim Mobile

The platform of Thinorswim is highly intuitive. You should have no trouble operating the platform and start trading currencies on it.

This app also provides news alert and direct CNBC mobile streaming for the market news. To keep you updated on the forex trading market, Thinkorswim sends push notification with set trading alerts.

The Thinkorswim houses almost everything that a trader could want on a single mobile platform.

This app is available for both the Android and Apple users and it is free of cost.

Trade Interceptor

Trade Interceptor is another popular trading app available for both the Android and Apple users. This app provides traders with a considerable number of options, including the ability to trade currency pairs, binary options, and commodity futures through a choice of forex brokers. The interface comes with the analysis and technical trading tools to make things more convenient for you. There are more than 100 chart indicators that you can use.

You can use the live streaming price quotes, price charts including the latest Bitcoin prices. You can get all the alerts on price levels and new releases.

There is a unique feature in this app which allows you to run simulated trading and backtest trading using the historical data.

Trading Game

It is one of the best apps for doing demo-trades and gain market experience from it.

This free application offers you the practice experience that a real forex market would offer. Whether you are a new trader and want to get your hands dirty on forex trading or an experienced trader and want to hone your skill, this app could be helpful for both the purposes.

This app provides lots of lessons that help you know how the Forex market works and how to make the right strategy that can make your a fortune. You can make use of the puzzles available in this website so that you can enhance your knowledge and learn about the Forex market.

These are few apps chosen from the big number of forex trading apps available in the market. Each of these apps is useful in their own way and, provides top-notch experiences to the users.

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