Vue native is best to create native apps. Here is why?

Ayesha Cuthbert
Sep 20 · 7 min read

Nowadays, there are thousands of platforms available in the market. Hence, it is quite a time consuming & pricey to create native apps for these platforms.

And it is obvious that any entrepreneur would look for a quick and cheaper approach. So, the only option is cross-platform development. Several years ago, cross-platform apps were buggy and inefficient. But, when Facebook created React native, a ray of hope in java developers began to rise.

It was the first tool that allowed developers to create effective cross-platform apps quickly and easily. Moreover, the creation of react-native by Facebook motivated various people to create their own tools for cross-platform app development.

Recently, Vue Native was officially released. Furthermore, Vue Native is easy to learn and master. Let’s take a deep look at Vue Native!

Introduction to Vue Native

Vue Native simply is a JavaScript framework for mobile which builds mobile applications in Vue.js. The Vue.js framework makes the user interface development more organized. Moreover, it is easy to learn as it is focused on view layers.

Vue.js speeds up development since it works without Babel. Babel is a transpiler that converts JavaScript code into the old ES5 version that can run in all the browsers. Templates in Vue.js are valid HTML, hence integration is easy. This framework is a good solution for creating lightweight apps.

Just to combine and bring all the benefits of Vue.js to mobile app development, a team of web developers known as GeekAnts planned to generate a framework that would connect Vue.js and react native.

Vue Native is a brand new tool in the software industry that is usually used for cross-platform development. It has united Reactive and Vue.js. It is available under MIT license. Hence, there is no need to worry for its creators about any copyright issues.

Installing create-react-native-app (CRNA) on system developers can get started with Vue Native. With the help of CRNA and Vue Native CLI, you can easily create a Vue Native app with amazing features. It permits you to make user interfaces for cross-platform apps exactly the same as you would in React Native.

Features of Vue Native

Vuejs offers a number of interesting features in order to make frontend development more organized. In the present time, Vue Native comes with a brand new set of features for its users. Let’s look at all these features and know about them one by one.

Vue Native Router

It is quite similar to React Navigator Router Plugin that helps Veux in the navigation of mobile applications.

Basic Components

Vue Native has a lot to offer. It provides a set of fundamental components just to make sure that developers use them whenever they start a new software development project. These features ultimately speed up the development process.

Two-way binding

This feature lessens the time required for coding. Developers can make desired changes in models and views in a single step. Moreover, they don’t require waiting until UI elements are rendered.

Declarative rendering

Developers always want to write the code which has its core focus on the outcome and hides entire implementation information. And this feature helps them to do so. Declarative rendering helps in keeping data consistent. However, this data can be changed when new inputs are entered.

Compiling with react native

Vue native completely dependent on reacts native. This connection provides a chance for beginner developers to make mobile apps with the help of a simple Vue system. Moreover, developers can use Vue to observe and render react components. Vue native also allows you to run Vue components to react native with vue-native-scripts.

Why Vue.js is everyone’s first choice?

It is quite important to know why Vue Native has received such a huge appreciation from all the developers. Hence, one thing that causes people to choose Vue.js is that it makes the development of apps smooth as well as easy.

Furthermore, its gentle learning curve makes it simple for beginners to learn and create skills. Native Vue also comes with useful tools such as Vuex and Vue Router. This amazing framework provides high development speed since it has easy to access plugins. Ultimately, it results in a low cost of app development. Now, let’s take a deep look at offers that native vuejs has to offer!

Well defined ecosystem

Vue Native has a well-defined ecosystem that assists developers to come up with a solution to a specific problem. The preciseness in course of actions saves time and hence enhances the development speed.

Gentle learning curve

According to developers, Vue.js is one of the easiest frameworks to learn. In order to give a start, you just need to know a few lines of Javascript & HTML.

It provides an easy learning curve and any developer can master it in a short time interval.

Command-line interface

A significant factor behind the big success of the vue native is Command Line Interface. It reduces the time of initial project setup and scaffolding to a minimum.

Vue CLI has a project generator that makes it quite simple for developers to start a new project and create scaffolding.

Introduction to the third version of Vue CLI provides a brand new experience. It permits developers to begin with a project with some set of questions. And this set of questions has all the questions based on the requirements of the project.

It comes with best

Vuejs comes with the best of Angularjs and Reactjs. Evan you created Vue. He was an ex-employee in Google and used to work on various Angular.js projects.

Later, he developed a lightweight framework using some of the features of Angular.js. In this way, Vuejs resolved the hurdles of angular.js. However, Vuejs in a true sense is the amalgamation of both Angularjs and reactjs. It uses templates and syntax from angular.

It has interesting features of one-way data flow, component-based approach and virtual rendering ability.

Advantages of Vue Native

  • The most popular advantage of Vue Native is that it gives you the best features of Vuejs and React native. It helps developers to access the benefits of both software ecosystems.
  • Another benefit of using Vue native is that it permits developers to reuse the UI components on iOS, Android, and web. Here, developers do not require writing components for each time again and again. This saves a massive amount of time and makes the process of creating cross-platform apps fast.
  • It permits simple integration with the existing applications.
  • Since it has a Dynamic binding feature, Vue native allows developers to assign certain classes and change styles.
  • It has higher flexibility as compared to other frameworks. It makes developers ensure stability.
  • Vue native has a well-documented user manual for beginners to learn the framework in a short time period to create mobile apps.
  • Vuejs has a reactive system that automatically updates in real-time. This system shows all the updated changes on the view and hence stops the developer to update the whole view just for a small change. This again saves plenty of time and boosts the app development.

Who Should select Vue Native?

Here comes an important question. Should developers select Vue native for cross-platform mobile app development? The answer depends on many factors.

If you are an experienced react native user, then the answer would be NO. Since, Vue Native brings the features of Vuejs and react native, reactive users will not get anything special.

And if you are a Vuejs user and you are just starting with cross-platform development, then the answer is YES. Both vuejs and vue native have simple functionality and clear documentation which is quite simple to learn and apply.

In case you are a Vuejs user who is used to working with the Weex framework or native script-Vue plugin, then your choice will depend on your aims.

With the help of this plugin, you can create cross-platform apps for android and iOS. Yes, it has a big community. But it is still in the early stages and cannot be used for production applications.

Vue Native is a beginner-friendly, framework that can be an effective tool for developers who prefer working with HTML, CSS, and jQuery and need to create mobile apps ready for production.

Vue Native is a brand new framework that needs regular optimization. Developers have already noticed and reported some issues. For instance, error reporting may not be shown in vue native code, remaining in react native.

In addition, Vue native sometimes requires the creation of a function for a component that returns JSX code, otherwise, your code won’t work.


Vue Native is ideal for developers who want to develop a native app. The thing that keeps it different from the other entire frameworks is the ease with which anyone can learn it.

Not only ease to learn, but speed is also another factor here. Since it has good speed, it results in quick app development.

The only limitation that vue native has is that it requires regular optimization. If you are planning to create software using vue native, then you can contact various vue native development companies in India.

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