Walmart Canada To Sell Cannabis-infused products & CBD? Who Are The Likely Cannabis Companies?

It’s official. Marijuana season is not even close to being over, with Cannabis companies continuing to surge, and new rumors of big chain retailers showing interest in a number of cannabis companies. Recently, according to reports in both CNBC and Bloomberg, Walmart has shown interest in cannabis-infused products, and a variety of CBD beverages. The mega store is the first major retailer to show interest in the cannabis industry, while previous rumors were limited to rival beverage companies like New Age Beverages and its rumored connection to Coca-Cola.

Diane Medeiros, spokesperson for Walmart, said in an email, according to both Blomberg and CNBC.

“As we would for any new industry, Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on this issue, but we do not have plans to carry CBD products at this time,”

Now the question is, who are the likely candidates to stocks the shelves of Walmart with their Cannabis related products? Well, a couple stand out.

First: New Age Beverages Corp. NBEV (NASDAQ)

Recently, the CEO of New Age Beverages commented on how their company is one of the only in the USA that has the infrastructure to support CBD based beverages on a large scale. By creating a growing farm and processing plant, NBEV will be able to add on to its forthcoming patents by adding a license to operate an advanced Cannabis manufacturing facility to grow and cultivate Cannabis, export CBD worldwide, and also create jobs beyond their beverage processing plants.

Major shifts in the company of New Age Beverages could signify a preparation tactic to put in a competitive bid for the Walmart deal. Since New Age Beverages has the infrastructure to support large scale production, this is a likely candidate based on their recent announcement of their first line of CBD-infused beverages.

Second: Profile Solutions, INC. OTC:PSIQ

Today, PSIQ released a staggering Press Release, which is why I decided to add PSIQ to the list of possible Walmart bids. The company released news that they signed a contract to establish a significantly large growing farm and processing plant for medical cannabis & hemp.

Profile Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSIQ) is pleased to announce preliminary approval from the eSwatini Ministry of Economic Planning and Development to establish an exclusive growing farm and processing plant for medical cannabis & hemp in The Kingdom of eSwatini f/k/a Swaziland (“eSwatini”).
The purpose of the proposed agreement is to (1) grant PSIQ the exclusive license to operate an advanced Hemp & Medical Cannabis manufacturing facility to grow and cultivate Cannabis in accordance with strict GMP global health standards (2) export Hemp & Medical Cannabis worldwide (3) operate exclusive licensed Medical Cannabis R & D lab and (4) create training facility to create jobs for local eSwatini citizens. The exclusivity shall be for 10 years.

Further stating some revenue numbers,

“We anticipate $ 12 — $ 20 million to come from the sale of Medical Cannabis and up to $ 10 million to come from the sale of CBD Hemp.”
PSIQ Main Feature

Why go through the trouble of creating such a dramatically large growing operation? To further fuel speculation, there are now rumors that the company will be looking to expand into Canada, as well as signing more contracts to distribute their already highly established hemp products. We will continue to watch PSIQ as it releases more information on their impressive growing operation.

Third: American Premium Water Corp OTC:HIPH

American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) has made some serious gains after they announced that it had launched its LALPINA Hydro CBD products for sale. Its CEO commented,

After years of development and work, we’re excited to launch our infused CBD product. Since delivering the prototype back in January, we have added nanotechnology to enhance and increase the bioavailability and absorption rate of the product. The Company will also be looking to leverage its brands and expand into other exciting areas in the CBD space, specifically pet products, topicals and THC infused beverages.

I have followed this company for the past three months, and each week me and my team notice more and more chatter on their corporate developments. To add, we have noticed a great deal of celebrity endorsement with this company, which further helps it cause for the Walmart bid.

Does Walmart want to start with a no thrills, no fluff, CBD-infused water, that is already established? Its quite possible.

Wildcard ENTRY: M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC)

In a recent press release, the company had the following to say regarding entering the Cannabis market.

M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC) (“M Line” or the “Company”), a holding Company with subsidiaries involved in the Beverage Branding and Distribution industry as well as the Food and Beverage distribution business is excited to announce that it has signed a binding Letter of Intent to acquire American Asset Holdings, Inc. (“AAH”), M Line’s first acquisition in the Cannabis field. We expect to close within the next seven days.

Quite an interesting statement from the CEO, Tony Anish

“We are thrilled to take our first step into the Cannabis Industry. The future prospects for American Asset Holdings are impressive, not just in the Cannabis field, but the C-pods can also be used for growing fresh vegetables, a tremendous benefit because the pods are “off the grid” and can be placed almost anywhere. The savings from the use of solar and wind power helps to improve profitability for Cannabis growers and vegetable growers, particularly in weather-challenged areas. Stay tuned for more information and forecasts after we close.”

Again, this is a wild card, and is hard to say if they have the infrastructure to compete the with above for the Walmart bid, but what is for sure if the company has a solid management team under Mr. Anish, with a great deal of past successes.

This article has forward looking statements, and is purely an opinion piece. No one should use this as a means to buy or sell any security mentioned. It’s best to treat this as entertainment.