Wanna Learn About Stock Investing? Buy a Stock.

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Long story short: Download the Robinhood App. Buy ONE share of your favorite public company and follow that investment closely for 3–6 months while asking a bunch of questions.

I’ve been invested in the stock market for two years now. Can you guess how I started? Exactly.

My mom works at an Investment Management firm and during my senior year of high school she was researching and investing in this company called IssIrrelevant™️. Lol. At that point in my life I had been running a fairly profitable business and wanted to know how I could make my money work for me. So I asked my mom to invest some of my savings in that stock too.

This was me.

It sounded like I was doing something so advanced for my age, but I actually had no idea. In reality, I had no idea how the investment process worked.

Stock price went up 📈. Stock price went down 📉. I was confused initially, but as time progressed I started to ask questions. Whether it was my mom, a book, or a Google/Youtube search, I spent the next three months figuring it out and by the time I turned 18 I was able to dotwo things:

  1. Eligible to open up my own stock brokerage account.
  2. Confident in my foundational knowledge of the stock market.

The perfect combo. Since then, I’ve been a day trader, swing trader, and value investor and it all started with the experience of learning by immersion.

Actionable steps for you 🏃

⬇️ Download the Robinhood App or visit their website to open an account. Using either of these links will grant you and I a free stock once your account is approved. You can start your investing career without shedding a dime!

🤔 Think of your top 3–5 favorite public companies. Choose one of them and invest in one share of this company.

🔍 Follow this investment for the next 3–6 months. Articles, press releases, earnings reports, stock price movement, EVERYTHING.

🙋‍ ASK QUESTIONS. Use the plethora of resources available to you on the internet. I’m confident in your ability to develop a foundational understanding of stock market investing.

Resources 📖

To Conclude …

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