Uploaded Your Music? Then What?

John Cole
John Cole
Jan 15 · 3 min read
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Do you expect to connect to billions in a flash? Join the mass of hopefuls.

Making the right connects isn’t easy. The net is very crowded, and will continue to expand. As this reality unfolds, what can we do to reach out with a great song, idea, or product?

The internet is all about filters with many fancy words including algorithms, AI (artificial intelligence), and MI (machine learning). As more people upload content, the confusion strengthens traditional brands. What happens to emerging artists? Beyoncé is a brand. Percolator John is starting to develop a personal brand among billions. Without money … guess what?

We rush headlong into Amazon, iTunes, and now Spotify, the early net brands, searching for songs deep inside a morass of other worthy creations. This whole world remains heavily on traditional marketing. Money is key, and we rush toward it, while many truly talented people linger on the sidelines.

The promise of the Internet’s vastness was barely understood. Quickly realizing the genius of connections within proximity, we are living in two realities where worldly digital presence collides with the physical. We have embraced this wholeheartedly. The intensity of promise exploded, leaving Google and the like, trying to perfect their filters. Now AI is on many investor thoughts. Honestly, AI isn’t that smart as we’ve been lead to believe. Nice term to use when selling an idea. Looking into what AI is will leave one wondering, “What’s all the fuss”? A fancy word for filter, made by pre-determinations.

Recently, I engaged in a musical conversation with a friend. He believed strongly every musician must reach into the world. The sad reality is, “Join the crowd.”

All performers start on local stages with local audiences. We forget this fact too easily with the promise of the Internet’s connectivity. We shouldn’t.

When starting out, connection happens while performing live. They are vibrant connections, and may not be the best at the moment. As we grow, gaining more chops along the way, possibility increases.

Certain followers watch. In a business parley, these friends are known as “influencers.” These people are the baby steps every performer needs. Nurture them, and they will return the favor from community to community.

Build an online community where these connections can expand, and incentivize them. This is how we beat the system. Think out of the box.

John Cole, Muezbiz.com

Working hard bringing music publishing back from the brink by paying neighbor representatives a share of member published music.

Muezbiz is a startup.“Meet local friends in musical conversations. Make money sharing the music you love.” Now buy from someone local with interest media filtered by region.

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Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity

John Cole

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John Cole

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Data Driven Investor

from confusion to clarity, not insanity