What You Haven’t Considered About Your Web Designs

“But I don’t want to sound cocky”

So embracing the thing that can make your visual brand effective makes you a little nervous and you’re about to retreat into that safe generic space where it’s considered “easier” for everyone to love you. Well, since the latter can actually get your investment ignored, thinking it’s “safe” to be generic is dangerous to the life of your small service business.

This was the crossroads Mark came to when he finally decided to invest in a website for his company, Undercurrent Ltd: Own what made his service better or sink into the sea of forgetfulness with a generic brand.

What Do You Care About?

Speaking with him, it was clear from the inception that he wanted to distance himself from the stigma of what is fast becoming “the norm” in Trinidad with electrical installation services. Being a witness of many sub-standard jobs much to the ignorance of the clients, he desired to reform that landscape by educating his clients along the lines of their safety when choosing an electrician. But, he was also very weary of his candidness about the topic, feeling it might be a turn off to the customer. Obviously, honesty and transparency are Mark’s biggest values but how do you stand out for those things, if you’re unwilling to say something honest or do something transparent? So I challenged him to speak his truth. “It’s people’s lives you’re dealing with here and there would be many who will appreciate the honesty in what you’re saying.” But when his moment came to walk his talk, he was finding it arduous to remove himself from the very place he loathed.

Why Focus Is Important

Competition for online business is cutthroat, your customers are constantly being ambushed by reasons to look in the other direction. So, don’t expect your visual brand to have much of an impact, if you’re unwilling to use the focus it needs to get noticed and hold the attention of the viewer. A website is there to get people interested in purchasing the service you provide. And for small service businesses, this means you need to infuse your web designs with meaningful content and simple but effective purchasing strategies, so it’s super apparent from the word go, why the customers you actually want is better off doing business with you.

Using words and phrases so overused that you’ll never stand out in a crowd (which is now considered jargon) or typical tactics like a pretty website as a small service business, will only move you further away from demonstrating the value you provide and can also make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, I’m not against making your website visually attractive, that would be confusing since I’m selling visual branding. I’m saying you’re putting the cart before the horse starting there and limiting your chances of success attempting to build a brand thats liked by everyone. Let your brand create the messaging, let the messaging determine what the design will look like and let the chips fall where they may.

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