WHY are Goals Important In Our Life?

If you are a kind of person who spends all your day binge watching the shows on Netflix, posting status on Facebook, Twitter or name it whatever social platforms, and realize at the end of the day that you have completely wasted your entire day doing nothing, then Congratulations! You have at least realized that you wasted your time and shouldn’t do it the next day.

You have realized that you are supposed to have GOALS in your life. This is the first step towards changing your life for good.

Before we see why Goals are important, we need to first understand what are Goals and what type of Goals we should have in our lives.

What are Goals?

Goals are “written targets” that you decide to achieve at the start of the day or week or month or year, with a specific deadline associated with each of them.

You take actions according to the deadlines of your Goals to meet your targets. It’s important to have a deadline associated with every Goal in order to manage it effectively.

“What gets measured, gets managed”

What are the Types of Goals?

It completely depends on you what type of Goals you want to set in your life. There can be self-development goals, personal finance goals, relationship building goals, career goals, etc.

You will be having personal finance goals in case you want to be financially stable in your life. One of the personal finance goals would be having a proper emergency fund.

Why are Goals Important?

Let’s play a game.

You and I are in a closed room. You are going to follow the instructions given by me.

Scenario 1:
I tell you to move from one corner of the room to another diagonally.
You start moving. One step at a time towards the other corner diagonally. When you reach the midway, I throw a chair in front of you to block your way. You overcome the barrier (or chair) and continue to move forward.
Ultimately you reach the other corner of the room and that’s how you complete a GOAL.
In this case your goal was to reach the other corner of the room diagonally.
One thing you must have noticed that, though there was a barrier in front of you that would hinder you to reach your Goal, but you had the mindset of reaching your goal by overcoming all the barriers on the way. This is the power of having Goals.

When you have the mindset of achieving your Goals, irrespective of what the barriers are on your way, you work towards achieving them.

Similarly you should have other Goals in your life and work towards achieving them.

Scenario 2:
I tell you to move in a straight line, from one corner of the room. Remember, this is just a process to be followed and not a Defined Goal.
You start moving in a straight line. After sometime, I throw a chair in front of you. What will you do? You are supposed to walk in a straight line and you cannot walk over the chair.
You stop there. You see the barrier, your mind says that you will no longer follow the instructions if you try to overcome the barrier and you stop.
This happens when you don’t have a Defined Goal. A Goal is supposed to be specific that tells your mind to take necessary actions to achieve them.
Have specific Goals.

Tips to Achieve your Goals

Here are few tips you can follow to achieve your Goals:

  • Write your Goals on paper
  • Track them regularly
  • Divide your Goals in to short-term and long-term Goals
  • Check them once completed
  • Reward yourself after completion for self-motivation

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your Defined Goals and work smart and hard in achieving them.

Feel free to comment in the comments section and tell me how having Goals is helping you to become a better person.

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