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Why Dumb Ideas Can Be Great

My experiences of making dumb decisions that have changed my life forever.

With every decision you make lies an opportunity for you to completely change your life.

By this point in our lives, we are no strangers to decisions. Up to this point, our lives are formed solely by the decisions that we’ve made during those times.

From what time we decide to get up in the morning to the decision to develop serious habits, we are one decision away from transforming our lives forever.

But not all of those decisions are the greatest decisions in the world.

And while many people have many stories to tell about the terrible decisions, the story I want to share is how I’ve made dumb decisions that turned out to be incredible.

Like The Time I Flew Across Canada

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It’s been nine years since the Katimavik program and my decision to join that program at the time seemed like a dumb idea in my head. While others were thinking this was great, deep down I didn’t think so.

I set myself up with the expectation that nothing was going to happen at all in my life.

And in a sense it did.

I left the program after the nine months were over with a sense of unsatisfaction. I wanted to do more and didn’t feel like I achieved all that much.

But as time goes on and the more I look back at the events, the more I realized that I formed the building blocks that I would use to overcome my shyness.

I started to coin these events as “sink or swim events” in my life.

Dumb decisions, that if I leveraged, would yield great results for me.

Even if at the time I didn’t get the most out of that time I had then, I’ve come to realize that a lot of those decisions helped me move along the path that I really want to be going in.

Like The Time I Quit My Job And Entered A New Industry

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As some of you may know, I studied accounting for 7 years and yet, after all that time and money, I opted for another field of study.

Instead of being an accountant, I wanted to be a writer.

The decision didn’t come quickly.

It wasn’t until last year when I wanted to make my writing something more serious than a simple hobby that paid me pennies.

But what did come quickly was my decision to leave an otherwise stable job and “commit” to writing and be my own boss.

At the time, my buddy said that that was a stupid move.

To this day I’ll admit that that was a stupid move.

But deep down I knew it would be a massive challenge to find an accounting job. Especially since my background in that industry is tax and nothing else.

On top of that, I really wasn’t all that excited about accounting either.

Those revelations only came until after I left a job that I honestly didn’t care for. In fact, I felt terrible after a while for having a job where I was basically selling debt to people.

But if it wasn’t for that conscious decision not only would those revelations happen a bit later (because honestly that job I had sucked a lot) but I wouldn’t have discovered what I really wanted to do.

And that was to write.

And at this point, even if I’m not making as much as I was, I’m happier.

And Now The Decision To Lose 20 Pounds In 6 Weeks

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And yesterday, I made another big decision.

That was the decision to put up $500 for a 6-week fitness challenge.

And while $500 isn’t a lot. It’s quite literally all of my money at this very moment.

When I broke the news to my parents yesterday I got some reactions I was expecting.

And I’m sure other people would say that this is a rash and probably stupid idea too. And I’d agree.

But this is my nature.

I have a small track record of moments where I’ve made quick, rash, and otherwise idiotic decisions that have only paid me back later. No doubt I’ve made some decisions that didn’t pan out.

Like the time I joined a network marketing company and invested all of my money into it with no source of income outside of that.

And the other time while I was juggling that network marketing company I thought it would be a smart idea to join another one.

Or perhaps the time I decided to jump into a ditch in the middle of winter just to see what would happen. (I was 7 at the time in my defence.)

And many others.

And maybe this decision is something that I’ll add to that list. I really don’t know.

But one thing is certain about this dumb decision.

I’ll be working harder than I ever have before to ensure this is another dumb decision that turned out in my favour.

Dumb Decisions Aren’t Always Dumb

By this point in my life, I’ve learned to look at mistakes and poor decisions as opportunities to grow myself. That way no matter the outcome, I’ve trained myself to develop myself further and know what I should be doing moving forward.

The wonderful thing about life is we can have a string of dumb decisions or indecision and yet we can find complete fulfillment in our lives if we decide to look another way.

This isn’t to say that we should always make dumb or poor decisions every time. But it never hurts to occasionally push ourselves by putting us in events where we either force ourselves to swim or we sink to the bottom.