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Why Join a Crypto Presale Pool?

Cryptocurrency pre-sale pools are growing in popularity.

If you are a keen ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investor, you will be well aware of that the pre-sale stage of any ICO is where you can get the biggest discounts and largest bonuses.

Most ICOs attract the larger investors by offering higher discount levels than the public sale stage of an ICO as well as bonus tokens/coins.

The benefits of getting in at pre-sale stage can be significant and the company behind the ICO uses this tactic to attract the larger investors (whales).

However, you will soon work out that the required investment to qualify for pre-sale can be well beyond your means.

This is where pools can help.

Most crypto pools use the Telegram messaging system to establish a group of like-minded investors who have an interest in a specific ICO/project. By ‘pooling’ together, they are able to reach the minimum investment required for an ICO pre-sale and therefore share the benefits amongst the team.

As with anything in crypto, you must DYOR (do your own research), not only on the ICO but also the pool. The risks are just as prevalent as the returns.

Some pools, provide a referral code to allow you to take part, whilst others may utilize the services of companies like Prima Block, an Ethereum pooling service which holds your funds securely using a proprietary smart contract escrow service.

Either way, finding the right pool, can offer outstanding benefits when compared to purchasing via a public sale.

The number of crypto pools available are many and varied. Many of them prefer to remain discrete but some are happy to be publicized. I tend to lean towards the more public pools. As discretion, although it may be perfectly perfectly legitimate, sometimes raises my suspicions.

Some of the pools I have invested with successfully or am a member of are:

Keith’s Crypto Pools:- Run by Keith Wareing, a highly respected crypto expert and popular YouTuber with many years experience and a great track record of investing in successful projects. Mainly uses referral codes and urls.

ICO Dog Community:- also has a website which publishes ICO reviews, insider information and detailed research and analysis.

Moon Mafia:- A popular pool run by Crypto Jack, a very well known and trusted YouTuber.

As I mentioned previously, you MUST do your own research and make sure that you are not only comfortable with the ICO but also the crypto pool you are involved in.

Feel free to comment and add more examples of trusted pools.