Why Meanings Matter

Photo from Pixabay.

The old wisdom says, if you want to success in communications you have to learn language. However interaction is not about the language, it is the meanings.

In the age of artificial intelligence we have possibility to use machine translation when we need to cross over cultural boundaries. But yet we don´t have machine intelligent enough to narrate us all the shades of meanings — and more importantly: we do not have machines which would help us to negotiate about those meanings.

That is the reason why I did not start to study more English or Chinese — I started to study the language of money, power and technology. I also examined the language of communities emotions and values because contexts have influence on the interpretation of meanings.

On the way to success, I realized that in communications you may learn by speaking but understand only by reading or hearing.


Because meanings are learnt through our own experiences and social environment. Our own choices have influence on the way we understand different phenomena.

My own journey started with rethoric but soon expanded to the processes of human cognition. Unfortunately it fast faced the limits of human brainpower. That was the moment I first properly realised the paradox of human behaviour when using technology.

At the moment we use technology to build bubbles. I do not argue it is only bad thing, as in many situations it is very useful to get recommendations from the things you are most interested about.

But the most important question is, why we are using artificial intelligence only to categorize us and our knowledge when we could expand our understanding by using machines to show us the world of meanings our own capacity ever could not reach.