Yes! Profits can be made in a bear market.

Volatility is essential to the flow of any market, without fluctuations in volatility the stagnant nature of markets can adversely affect everything from businesses to concept development and even investor capital. The critical need for volatility keeps the engines of economy turning and ultimately harbors life giving potential for businesses all over the world across all markets.

Bitcoin sees more volatility and a new low on November 14, 2018

In recent times volatility has been less than desirable, as many global assets have seen a decline in day to day volatility, resulting in the plateauing of stock charts or the fizzling out of any momentum gained in the recent past. Despite seeing a slow in volatility, funds from around the globe have fine tuned their strategies and implored new tactics to maintain a competitive edge.

Dreamscape Capital seems to be one of those funds who are thinking outside the strictures of traditional financial strategy, especially when it comes to investing. Since early September this fund is one of the few who have seen exceptional growth, specifically in the value of their DSC token, which according to Stex is currently is holding value at ~$1.49 USD. Even in times of mediocre volatility, Dreamscape Capital have managed to keep their assets secured and their token price on the climb.

Dreamscape Capital is able to profit from any market direction

According to their whitepaper, Dreamscape Capital’s recipe for success comes from their unique diversification and risk management models. Instead of diversifying 100% of their fund across a single market it is strategically dispersed entirety across multiple avenues of business including volatility trading, crypto business ventures, and project investments. By mitigating risk this way, Dreamscape Capital has built a strategy that has reflected very well in their historical charts.

We love volatility, it allows our fund to see rapid profits in a short period of time. — Paulo Welager

By focusing on timing, capital, and execution this fund utilizes a sophisticated method of generating profits that investors seem to be attracted to, while many other funds seem to be taking on losses in times of downturn.

Riding out unexpected volatility comes down to having a solid investment strategy, one that can not only handle the volatility but work with it instead of against it. In a bear market, times can test not only the resolve of individuals but also that of their investment strategies. While some succumb to panic, others trust in their strategies and make the necessary changes to remain in the green and not the red.

Current market times stress the importance of having competent strategies and funds who can execute on such strategies.