F.A.Q., Part XV

— What should I do to be able to buy your tokens on pre sale?

All you can do right now is join the Whitelist at https://dataeum.io/register

The presale starts on October 1st.

— Is the bounty program still on? I participated in it but have not received any tokens.

If you are interested in the Bounty campaign or have any questions in regard to it, please refer to https://bountyhive.io/join/Dataeum

— How much tokens are you planning to sell?

Total number of tokens for sale is 500 000 000 XDT. We plan to sell them all!

— How long have you been on the market?

The team have been around altogether since 2015.

The token sale, if that’s what you mean, has not yet started, nor has the token been listed on exchanges. Wait until the end of the crowd sale.

— Remind me the address of the smart contract?

Smart contract is currently in audit stage.

— What is your main goal?

Dataeum aims to become a reference for all market players dealing with physical data, enabling them to drastically reduce the data acquisition cost by using one trusted provider. To become this reference, one must be able to prove transparency on the way data is generated.

The blockchain brings this transparency and accuracy as all data collected are stored in it and the validation of each data is realized through a decentralized process. Please go through the whitepaper to find out more about the project. https://dataeum.io/white-paper.pdf

— I’ve read information about the project, but could you please tell me more about the practical use of your token?

The XDT Token will have the following functionalities:

  • To access and interact with the platform services: data consultation, data licensing, acquisition of data ownership exploitation (DOE), interaction with the community;
  • To benefit from the participation in DOE;
  • To reward the community members for their different actions like the physical data generation;
  • To reward the community members for sharing their flow data;
  • To benefit from discounts and make purchases from merchants;
  • To offer missions to the community;
  • To enable any member of the community to interact with each other;
  • To reward quality actions carried out by community members.

— Are you serious about this: “collection of 100% of any physical data anywhere in the world with 100% accuracy”?

Why, sure we are. Dataeum is the only solution able to gather 100% of all global physical data (such as stores, gas stations, traffic signs etc). Moreover, crowdsourcing linked to the blockchain makes it possible to verify all of that data.

— Where can I talk to the team members?

There are options.

You can join our Telegram chat (https://t.me/dataeum), ask for it and you most probably will be referred to the members of the team.

But you can also wait until the roadshow starts and see them in person! The news will follow shortly, stay in touch.