Making Use of QR Codes for Effective Marketing and Reach

How to create QR Codes for contacts (phone number and email) and QR Codes for websites (web address URL)

Black_Raven (James Ng)
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4 min readOct 1, 2019


Efficient is to do things right. Effective is about doing the right things.

I am an advocate for efficiency and effectiveness. There must be a more efficient way to share contact details other than manually typing details into the mobile phone when I meet a new business contact.

Name cards with QR Code

Add a new contact on your mobile phone by scanning a QR Code

Google has launched the Google Contacts App in 2017, users then could share contacts by creating a QR Code. Simply scan the QR Code to save the contact on your phone. I personally think that such an efficient way to save contact details should be implemented on name cards and marketing brochures.

The trend did not seem to take off, maybe because people do not know how to create the QR Codes in the first place.

To create a list of customised contacts QR Codes

I made use of Google Sheets template to generate the contact QR Codes. Open the template (template link here) on another tab. This template is read-only, so please type “Make a copy” to save it on your own “My Drive” (Google Drive) to edit.

Google Sheets template to generate the contact QR Codes

Note that this Google Sheets template seems to work only on desktop, not on mobile phone.

You can use this template by updating First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone number and Email address. The contact QR Code will be generated in the next column based on these 4 fields, using the codes below:

=image(“" & A3 & “%20” & B3 & “%0ATEL;CELL:” & C3 & “%0AEMAIL:” & D3 & “%0AEND:VCARD”)

Another person can scan the QR Code to add the contact details to his/her mobile phone.