Visualizing demand for shelters in Los Angeles

Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read
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Rainy Los Angeles. Credit: Soldesur/Flickr/Creative Commons

During this wet winter season, families and individuals experiencing homelessness found respite through Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s (LAHSA) Winter Shelters Program. The program expands the County’s homeless shelter program to address the increase in demand during the winter months. The 2016–2017 Winter Shelter Program season lasts from later November through early March. To see this year’s shelters, visit our .

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2016–2017 Winter Shelters | Powered by #DataLA

To better understand the demand for shelters during inclement weather, LAHSA built an that tracks daily capacity at the winter shelters.

Users can customize the dashboard by:

  • Date
  • Service Planning Area
  • LA County Supervisor District
  • LA City Council District
  • Program
  • Program Bed Capacity
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Snapshot capturing occupancy rates in Service Planning Area 4

LAHSA coordinates the program in partnership with the City and County of Los Angeles as well as the the California National Guard. Winter shelters will be open until March 1st.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Data Team implement his vision of a data-driven Los Angeles. In collaboration with city departments, the civic tech community, sister cities, private partners, and academia, we develop insights and digital tools to make the City more livable and equitable for all Angelenos.


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