When it rains, it pours data.

The City of Los Angeles has ambitious storm water capture goals and we track them diligently.

For weeks this winter, it felt as if there would be no respite from the rain gods. This was my first winter here in Los Angeles and I was not prepared for the amount of rainfall we had this season. More rain in the winter meant more snow capped peaks, more ramen consumption (just an observational fact), super blooms in the spring and of course more data! (yep, you read this right)

That is because, the City of Los Angeles collects stormwater capture data and has a fun, interactive dashboard that shows you historical and current rainfall and stormwater capture data. There, you can read about all of the City’s stormwater capture methods and see how we are measuring against our goals.

I was so excited to see that the total rain this season is now above average! In my eight months here tracking this data, we got to the above average seasonal rainfall by February 2019. And wait, we might get some more data this coming week, the rain gods are not done with us yet!