Datalogue at GTC San Jose 2019

Datalogue is excited to announce attendance at Nvidia’s GTC San Jose 2019. As a former Nvidia Inception program company and an Nvidia investment, Datalogue is pleased to attend GTC. As one of the premier conferences for machine learning artificial intelligence, GTC is a great conference for Datalogue to talk with companies about how 21st century technologies require clean, usable data.

Without usable data, those technologies cease to function or provide the value their backers envision. “Datalogue’s platform enables data scientists and data engineers to extract, understand, transform, and load their oceans of data using our first mile data prep solution,” said Tim Delisle, co-founder and CEO of Datalogue. “Our platform enables customers to dramatically reduce their time to data and, as a result, reduce their time to insights and their time to market for data products.”

If you want to learn more, Tim is speaking at the Deep Learning Institute Executive Workshop on Tuesday, 3/19/19 at 11am in the Marriott Hotel Ballroom 3. Session description: Designed for the business leader, this session is a “getting started” primer for deep learning in the enterprise. Through cross-industry use cases, panelists will discuss adoption considerations, developing teams, building proof-of-concepts, and measurement.

The Deep Learning Institute is part of the AI for Business track taking place during the conference that will feature a variety of discussions about how companies can adopt and become successful with AI.

GTC: AI For Business 2018

If you miss Tim’s talk, come find Datalogue at the Boxx Booth (#520).