Datalogue at Strata NYC 2018

Strata Big Data Conference 2018

Adam Spector
Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

“Strata is a deep dive into the business of data,” so says the Strata . We agree, which is why we are honored to speak at the conference. , our CEO and co-founder, is speaking on Wednesday, September 12 at 4:35pm in location 1E15. The topic: GPU-Accelerated Analytics and Machine Learning Ecosystems. Tim is joined on stage with Alen Cepalik from and SriSatish Ambati from . The session is moderated by from .

Power Panel @ Strata NYC 2018

Tim’s focus is on how neural networks and GPU acceleration are changing large enterprise customer’s time to data. Pre-Datalogue, using legacy ETL tools, it took companies 30–90 days to build one data pipeline. With Datalogue, they reduce the time to 5 days or less for every data source and every data type.

You can find more information about the session and .

Artificial Intelligence, Disrupting Financial Tech Happy Hour

While we don’t want to stretch your Datalogue excitement too far ;), concurrently with Tim’s talk, our CRO, Adam Spector, and other members of the Datalogue team will be attending . The focus: great discussion about how the financial sector is being disrupted (and improved) via new tech.

If you’re in finance then you probably realize that access to the best data, in real-time, is a critical differentiator. The only way the Datalogue team has seen financial businesses’ (and the users of that data) access 100% of their info, build the most detailed models right when they need it, and fully comply with all regulations is via neural networks.

Come hear Adam Spector speak on a panel joined by Ankit Awasthi, Quantitative Portfolio Manager, , Sage Wohns, CEO, and Kurt Becker, Advisor, . Moderated by Justin Hodgson, Account Manager, .

NYC Enterprise Data Dinner

If you still have energy after the jam-packed afternoon, various members of the Datalogue team are attending the NYC Enterprise Data Dinner put on by , , , and .

The dinner will bring together leading data science, AI/ML, and enterprise infrastructure startup founders, Fortune 1000 executives, and investors in NYC for the annual Strata Conference dinner to debate tech trends, catch up with friends, and meet some quality new folks over delicious food and drinks.

The event is invite-only but drop our team a note if you’d like an invite!

Hope you’re ready for Strata 2018. We are!


We put data into the hands of the people who need it!

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We put data into the hands of the people who need it!