We’ve got a plan

We started 2017, two people, an American and an immigrant student, sitting in someone else’s office at a desk graciously donated to us. We had missed payroll. We had cancelled Christmas to get the impossible done for a customer.

We started out the year with a simple plan. First, we’ll nail it, then we’ll scale it. We started hungry. Hungry to automate away the tedium of data preparation. Hungry to get data into the hands of the people who need it. Hungry to make a dent in the world.

We are now fifteen strong. We hold more passports than we have people. We are Belarusian, Georgian, Canadian, American, Argentinian, Indian, French, Australian, Moroccan, Turkish, Israeli, German.

We are backed by the ambitious, the wise and the transformational.

We serve the enterprising, the innovative, the giants.

In the age of blackboxes and algorithms we believe in the human touch. We believe there’s no such thing as company X, simply people working at company X. We are human.

In the age where the world’s largest companies are the ones solving the toughest problems, we stand by their side, a partner to solve their toughest data challenges. We are undaunted.

In the age of complicated systems we lay our cards on the table. We teach. We explain. Down to the specific algorithms that are being used. We partner with those hungry to solve hard problems. We are laying the ground work for the next wave of analytics and decision making. We are foundational.

This year, we start by confirming that we’ve nailed it. We test, tune and refine our products as they go live in some of the world’s largest companies. We keep building meaningful relationships with our customers. We keep exploring applications of our tools in new verticals.

We need a little bit more data to get comfortable with the fact that we have nailed it. But after that…

This year, we scale it.