What We’ve Learned About Training

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Online vs In-person Training

The mistake many people made (including sadly most public school districts) was to approach online training like in-person training. Too often, in-person lectures (which weren’t that interesting to begin with) were just delivered over video conference. Learners who might otherwise checkout for a short period of time in the classroom suddenly got lost entirely with all the distractions of their home environment.

Making Online Training Work

To make the virtual live online training experience as engaging as possible, we make heavy use of chat, polls, breakout rooms, whiteboards, and other collaboration tools. We share screens to share work and find ways to make connections between everyone involved. We make sure the technology doesn’t get in the way of the learning experience and ensure everyone feels supported on the learning journey.

The Value of Pre-Recorded Content

Prior to the pandemic, most people thought of online training as a series of pre-recorded videos with a few checks of knowledge slipped in at various points to ensure the learner was paying attention. While there is value to pre-recorded content, we believe completely pre-recorded learning material is insufficient for the work we are trying to do as the only means of gaining knowledge or developing mastery.

Our Training Model Going Forward

Datapolitan is in the midst of a renovation and we’re still working out exactly what our training model is going forward. We’re recording content for a video library of resources to provide a blended learning experience for both our in-person and online courses. We’re working with some early partners to deliver this content and will be releasing more information on this in the near future.



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