2020 open lipstick recommendation! Eye-catching and versatile, let straight men praise their beauty at first sight!

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 23 · 3 min read

MAYBELLINE Extremely Blooming Color Series Limited #Stealing Heart Lipstick 3.9g

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Maybelline’s classic “Color Sensational Extreme Color Series” brand new LOVE NOTES #Stealing Heart Lipstick Series, including three hot-selling textures, a limited edition of 6 colors specially designed for Asian skin tone whitening lip color

Velvet matte lipstick (#604, #806, #807) With a creamy and smooth texture, you can feel the smooth, velvety premium velvet lips instantly after application.

Soft mist nectar lipstick (#609) Subvert the shortcomings of matte lipsticks such as dryness, lip lines, and insufficient color! Exclusive nectar factor injection, double moisturizing mist feeling.

Satin Silky Lipstick (#233, #105) Silk-like top moisturizing factor, a touch of translucency, moisturizing, soft and shiny filter and beautiful lips, long-lasting color development once!

OPERA Lip Tint Aqua Lipstick 3.8g

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OPERA Lip Tint, a well-recognized and well-received lipstick on the Internet, has launched two limited love colors with the theme of “Love Me” in response to Valentine’s Day 2020: #07 Pink Fraise and #08 Burgundy Kiss.

#08 The rich and deep lip color of wine red brings out the fairness and temperament of the skin. And #07 Fen Berry balances sweet pink and elegant red, accurately mastering the proportion of blue to highlight the skin tone of Asian girls, creating a “magic pink” that is suitable regardless of skin tone.

Za Trendy Encounter Lip Gloss 3.6/4g

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Za’s new product “Tide Encounter Lip Gloss” has counter-level customized diamond facets, and a total of 5 classic all-match lip colors, with two textures of soft mist and polar mist, to create saturated, rich color and velvety misty lips!

The soft mist RD320 I want to love you and RD460 I miss you are the main colors. The saturated classic red and coral orange symbolize the invincible love. RS452 is the rosy color that I long for with a girl in love.

Is the extremely foggy RD408 you, with a lively orange feel, and PK456, is my peach pink with a playful feel. 5 lip colors can be selected as you wish according to the occasion.

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