Application of IoT sensors in manufacturing industry

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 12 · 2 min read
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We know that sensors are equivalent to the eyes and ears of the Internet of Things and play an important role in the development of the Internet of Things. With the popularization of the Internet of Things, sensors have also ushered in a high-speed development period. Sensors such as gas sensors, infrared sensors, and temperature sensors are emerging in an endless stream. They are widely used in smart homes, industrial manufacturing, remote tracking and monitoring, alarm and security systems, and industrial forecasting. Maintenance and other industry areas. This article mainly analyzes the specific application of the Internet of Things gas sensor in the manufacturing industry.

1. In the industrial field, IoT gas sensors are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. Some carbon dioxide sensors, ammonia sensors, nitric oxide sensors, etc. can be used in specific applications for detecting harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and chlorine.

2. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, its safety hazards are mainly toxic and corrosive gases, involving a wide variety of gases, and achieving process processes such as vapor deposition, ion implantation, plasma etching, and passivation protection. The IoT gas sensor is mainly used to monitor these harmful gases to ensure the safety of the working environment.

3. In the power industry, the hydrogen sensor of the Internet of Things can detect the hydrogen produced during the deterioration of power transformer oil; in the field of industrial environment monitoring, gas sensors are naturally inseparable. For example, sensors are used to detect nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrogen chloride and other gases that cause acid rain; carbon dioxide sensors, ozone sensors, freons, etc. detect greenhouse gases.

In addition, in the food industry, IoT gas sensors can also detect the freshness of meat and other perishable foods; in the automobile and kiln industry to detect oxygen in exhaust gas, and highway traffic to detect the concentration of ethanol in the breath of drivers, etc. Broad demand.

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