Britain, Global Talent Visa Initial Application Process

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 7 · 4 min read
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Since the introduction of the UK Global Talent Visa in March 2020, we have received many related inquiries. The Immigration Bureau is gradually improving and updating this policy. The following are the relevant updates released in June 2020.

Global Talent Visa Initial Application Process

Initial applicant

If you are applying for the first time (a person who has not previously obtained residency in this category, or a previous Tier 1 (special talent)), there are two application stages:

  • In Phase 1, an accredited body assesses your skills, abilities and achievements, and advises the Ministry of the Interior on whether or not to approve your decision; and
  • In the second stage, the Ministry of Home Affairs will consider immigration issues, such as whether general grounds for refusal apply, and if you are already in the UK, whether you can switch to the “Global Talent” category.

Since Stage 1 is an endorsement application, not a visa decision, it will not affect any current immigration permits you hold in the UK. Please note that this means that if you are in the UK and your immigration residency period expires when you are considering the first phase of your application, then you will “residence” in the UK. Overstaying is likely to have a negative impact on any future residence applications in the UK. However, the Phase 2 application will extend your existing residence while it is being considered, so if your residence expires soon, you may wish to consider it.

If you submit both Phase 1 and Phase 2 applications, but the Phase 1 recognition application is unsuccessful, both applications will be rejected. If your phase 1 accreditation application is rejected, you can apply again, but when you submit a new phase 1 accreditation application, your phase 2 application will not be retained.

Although the first stage (ie accreditation application) is considered and decided by the relevant accreditation body, the application will still be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, questions about pending applications should be submitted directly to the Ministry of the Interior, not to the accreditation agency.

The Ministry of the Interior cannot advise you which accredited agency is best to consider your skills. The accreditation body does not cover an exhaustive list of disciplines and may not be able to assess your major at this time. If you are not eligible for consideration by an accredited agency, you should consider whether alternative immigration categories are more appropriate.

If you succeed in both stages, you will be granted entry permit, entry permit or stay permission (if applicable).

If you are currently staying under the “Global Talent” program and wish to extend the stay, you do not need to submit a new application to an accredited institution (Phase 1). It is sufficient as long as your endorsement is not withdrawn by the endorser. This means that during the renewal phase, you only need to submit an application form and a fee. The same principle applies to permanent residence applications. Only the initial applicant has to go through a two-stage process.

Accreditation body information update

Art and cultural applicants (Art Council of England and related institutions)

Subjects covered by the Arts Council of England or its related bodies

The British Arts Council covers the following disciplines throughout the UK. In due course, three national art institutions covering Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland will be contacted.

Outstanding talent and excellence

“Commitment Application”

It is reviewed by the British Arts Council and includes:

  • dance
  • music
  • theater
  • Visual arts (including museums and galleries)
  • literature
  • Integrated art

British Fashion Association review:

  • Fashion design industry

The Royal Institute of British Architects considered:

  • building

Excellent talent application

Review of the Film and Television Producers Union:

  • the film
  • TV
  • Animation
  • Post-production
  • Visual effect

The Arts Council of England represents the Federation of Film and Television Producers (PACT), the British Fashion Council (BFC) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) accept applications. If your subject covers PACT, BFC or RIBA, your application will be transferred from the Arts Council of England to relevant organizations for expert evaluation.

Full peer review-evaluation process

For a complete peer-reviewed application, the scientific, engineering, humanities and medical accreditation bodies evaluate the application in two steps. The initial qualification check has been completed to check whether you meet the necessary requirements (only qualified for special applicants) criteria. If you pass the first step, you will be eligible for a full evaluation.

If you meet these eligibility criteria, your application will immediately enter the full evaluation stage to assess the strength of the evidence you provide. Meeting the applicable necessary conditions and eligibility criteria does not mean that you will be recognized, it only means that your application can be fully evaluated.

Evidence requirements for the first stage of global talent application

It is worth understanding that Tech Nation applicants for global talent applications directly upload their evidence requirements to the Tech Nation platform, so they will not send any evidence to the Ministry of the Interior for consideration.

If your application is considered by other accreditation bodies, you can send the required evidence and document list to the Ministry of the Interior after completing the “Global Talent” application form.

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