Frequently asked questions about the IELTS listening test

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 1 · 2 min read
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Voice speed problem

The average speaking rate of IELTS listening is about 200–300 words per minute. Since most of the students’ speaking speed is too slow to keep up with the listening speed, they often fail to respond.

Some sentences can’t be understood after 5 consecutive replays, not to mention listening only once during the test.

How to deal with it?

1. Improve your speaking speed when speaking English, learn to speak multiple sentences, and study the rhythm and rhythm of nativespeaker in English.

2. In addition, pay attention to the location of the pause. You can use JiTingZi as a language reading material when you really don’t understand it or in the later stage of practicing listening, and practice it appropriately. If you want to improve your hearing, you must open your mouth first, and you can hear and hear regardless of family.

Attention problems

The enemy in the listening test is the concentration of attention, commonly known as “slip number”!

Especially in the monologue part, once distracted, it is easy to lose cross-topics. In fact, listening distraction has a lot to do with the students’ usual listening habits. Don’t do two tasks while practicing listening!

How to deal with it?

1. It is advisable to arrange listening practice in a better time period every day, and the time for each practice should not be too long.

2. Think of a way to concentrate your attention during the listening test, and don’t let your eyes stare directly at the question.

3. It is very important to have a good rest the night before the exam to ensure the mental state of the exam the next day.

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