Super hot spring and autumn dresses, retro and elegant who wears who looks good, so that your clothes will quickly improve

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 23 · 3 min read

It’s golden autumn and September soon. Presumably autumn is also a season that many people like very much. Compared with summer, autumn is much less hot and anxious, and compared to winter, there is less terrifying cold wind. The most refreshing, refreshing and pleasant season. Although it has not yet reached mid-September, many areas across the country are still at a 30°+ state, but seeing the golden autumn and September, which is about to arrive, it will be rainy and cold in autumn, and preparing early autumn clothes in advance has become the majority. People’s choice, and now almost all clothing brands have launched autumn items one after another, so do everyone now have ideas about their autumn clothes? Consider the “skirt + suit” or “skirt + coat” that has been very popular in recent years!

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The first item mentioned is the skirt. In the current society, skirts are no longer just exclusive for summer. Many fashion and trendy wearers list skirts as autumn fashion items, including half-length shorts. Skirts and mopping long skirts. Regarding skirts, I will give you a brief introduction to two fashionable dressing patterns.

  1. Windbreaker + knee-length skirt. The windbreaker is the most common item in autumn over the years. The long windbreaker tail gives people an elegant and fresh feeling. Whether you are small or tall, you can look slender if you choose the right style for you. In addition to the “sweatshirt + jeans” that everyone wears everyday, the windbreaker will have a special flavor if you change to a long skirt. This will not only increase the layering of wear, but also a pair of cool Martin boots, instantly fashionable The feeling is overwhelming.
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2. Suit jacket + long skirt. When you talk about suit jackets, you may first think of suits for formal occasions. In fact, there have been a lot of suit jackets in recent years. Today I will introduce you to one of them, elegant and formal suit jackets. Paired with a cute and cute half-length skirt, this slightly bold and novel outfit is eye-catching and trendy, although it is a bit of a collision!

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3. Leather jacket + knee-length skirt. This model of wearing is similar to the suit jacket, but compared to the suit jacket, the leather jacket is a bit more domineering and glamorous, coupled with a pair of Martin boots over the ankle, it is really a good wearer!

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