The Data warehousing the essential skill for Business intelligence

Sajjad Hussain
Feb 16 · 2 min read

Data warehousing plays a crucial role to elaborate the righteous decision of a business manager analyzing the large amount of data is not the easy task in today's high competitive world manufacturing, big retailers and banking system generate large volume of data mostly from structure data sources (ERP) the data contains logs of sock levels, delivery schedules, customer data, prices paid, product return rates, product development schedules and quality assurances If there is no system exists in organization which accumulate or conclude the data points many of the business prospects became answer less
let suppose single question “Does a 5 percent drop in production will create impact on expenses” To answer such question one must rely on the skill of properly implemented warehouse, the warehouse reveals the secrets of the manufacturing biases, the concerns of the logistic logs, the event based marketing strategy and the big retailer seasonal discounts all will be possible with the help of careful ware house implementation.

Financial services, retailers and manufacturing companies usually
have million of customers and it is not easy to predict the changes in the business needs when consumer behaviors mutate the performance largely depends on the data they collated and stores.

The prime responsibilities of data warehouse

  1. Extract the data from structure and unstructured sources
    2)Due to internet dependency much of the data from the web sources must transform into consistent format
    3)Load into the data repository
    4)The data must be in a shape for decisions makers
  2. The following are key points for data warehouse conceptual framework
    1)The senior management committed to data ware housing
    2)The board will be involved in decision making
    3)Satisfaction always collated with the quality of data
    4)Most stack holder considered their investment to be justified
    5)The reporting and analysis tools presents the clear and concise view benefits generated by business decision


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