What are the etiquettes of wearing jewelry? Don’t bring it wrong!

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 1 · 3 min read

Jewelry is one of the most important companions of women. Women want jewelry to dress beautifully. They wear different jewelry on different occasions. Especially on important occasions, more and more people pay attention to their etiquette.

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Ring wear

1. Generally pay attention to wear on the left hand, and it is best to wear only one, generally at most two, except for the bride.

2. When two rings are worn, they can be worn on two connected fingers on one hand or on the corresponding fingers of two hands.

3. The thumb usually does not wear a ring, and generally should not wear multiple rings on one finger.

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Necklace wear

1. Generally, you should not wear more than one necklace, but you can fold a long necklace into several circles and wear it.

2. Short necklace, about 40 cm in length, suitable for low-collar tops; medium-length necklace, about 50 cm in length, which can be widely used; long necklace, about 60 cm in length, suitable for ladies to use in social occasions; extra-long necklace, about 70 in length More than cm, suitable for ladies to wear on grand social occasions.

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Wearing earrings

1. Under normal circumstances, it is only used by women, and it must be used in pairs, that is, one for each ear.

2. It is generally not suitable to wear multiple earrings on one ear at the same time.

3. If there is no special requirement, do not wear chain earrings, necklaces and brooches at the same time. All three are concentrated on the front line of the chest, which is easy to be overstated and messy.

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The significance of jewelry for women

Wearing jewelry can increase confidence

Wearing jewelry can enhance personal aura and powerful inner strength. People with strong hearts are confident, and confident people are often full of personality charm. The jewelry you wear is faintly shimmering between gestures, low-key and luxurious. Having a particularly suitable jewelry can enhance your self-confidence, make the person wearing it full of charm and keep a happy mood.

Highlight the quality of life and fashion taste

Real wealth is a low-key and luxurious quality of life and the pursuit of high taste in fashion. The person wearing jewelry represents a distinguished identity and a quality of life.

Create a personal atmosphere to show noble charm

A precious jewel is worn on the body, and it must be set off by gorgeous clothes and elaborate makeup. Wearing jewelry not only makes people feel confident, but also changes the personality and temperament of the wearer. So it appears cautious and elegant, reflecting the characteristics of good cultivation.

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