Why can’t you make money?

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 9 · 4 min read
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Knowledge changes fate, thinking creates the future! One cannot live a good life without the knowledge of profit and billing. These knowledge and thinking require continuous learning before they can be realized.

Nowadays, everyone in society must improve their thinking on the Internet, mobile Internet thinking, a large number of soft texts, videos, audios, pictures, there will be demand for products, products need to promote the soft text, derived from Quora, Google, Youtube, etc. From the media platform. Now that people’s lives are improving day by day, the pursuit of entertainment spirit and other aspects is also getting higher and higher. Short video platforms such as TikTok and other platform have been derived. You can use Whatsapp for meals, use Facebook for sleep, and even work. Fish brush vibrato. These platforms have also created many young people with ideas and creativity. His threshold is low, and his return is high.

If you want to do a project, the idea is very simple. There are two ways to play. The first is to investigate the needs first, and then determine the product items according to the needs; the second is to subdivide the areas based on the current data analysis, although the needs are not Big, but the competition is small, so I don’t know what you think after reading it, how did you choose? It is also possible that you did not implement these two ideas, but the product model. Seeing what other people are selling, you can immediately follow the trend and sell it. If you are fast and grab the bonus period, you can make a small amount of money, but unfortunately , The name bonus period, is destined to be born only for a small number of people.

If all can be earned, is it still called a bonus period? There are two reasons why you don’t make money. You don’t know how to make money. You use the wrong method to go in the wrong direction. You only follow the trend and don’t analyze the situation. You always want to make a low price. You have to stay in this mode of thinking, making money has nothing to do with you, failure will always follow you, it is difficult for you to come back. How to find profitable projects?

First, spend 1 week to investigate the users around you. It is easy to achieve with Chating Software, quick feedback, and immediate results. This is faster than anything, low cost, high efficiency, clear themes, you can use the selection method, of course, this can be from you You are good at letting users choose, for example, whether there are more men or women in your WeChat, what are their main needs, and what prices are acceptable. Speaking of the word training, what can you think of?

My Teacher once said that there are three types of things in the world. The first type is not complicated, such as producing a car, the second type is a bit complicated, such as building a rocket, and the third type is Super complicated thing, what? It is raising children and educating children. The training industry is solving this super complicated matter. Whether it is training adults or children, opportunities and challenges coexist. If the core education can be done well, there will be no short-term benefits, little medium-term benefits, and huge long-term benefits. In the training industry, the products have human attributes and the temperature of humanity. The same teaching materials can be taught by different teachers with great differences. Recruiting talents, retaining talents, and cultivating talents are the most fundamental things in the training industry, and they are also the basic elements that determine whether your training organization has long-term core competitiveness. To retain and attract talents, the organization’s team culture, management, and internal incentives, each of them cannot be exhausted in one sentence or two. Just like the training itself, it’s super complicated.

Education is the foundation. Everyone is familiar with this sentence, and everyone who has experienced nine years of compulsory education knows it. It can be seen everywhere when we are in elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Our country is a big education country, and it attaches great importance to education, so in my thinking and cognition, I think that the industries related to education and training are unlimited sunset industries. Where there are people, there is education and training. We have been educated since we were young, and we have graduated from college to work and receive vocational training. Therefore, I am also very concerned about this industry. My job now is the training industry.

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