Why do girls prefer to use Apple phones?

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 28, 2020 · 3 min read
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In our daily life, there is such a phenomenon. Whether walking on the street, on a crowded bus, or on a subway light rail, iPhone users can be seen everywhere, and the proportion of this group of users is almost 50–50 compared to Android users. This phenomenon is particularly obvious in first- and second-tier cities. Among these iPhone users, more than half of them are female users.

It can be seen that there are indeed more female users of the iPhone than men. So why do female users prefer to use iPhones than male users?

In fact, it is not difficult to see that when some boys tear each other x “Which is better with Apple or Samsung” and “fight”, those girls who pursue Apple phones can find some of Apple’s own brilliance. Click and make good use of it.

1. The appearance of the iPhone

In fact, most female users are not cold about the configuration of electronic products. Male users may consider brand, design, hardware configuration, price, battery life, water resistance, cost performance, etc. when buying a mobile phone. Female users are mostly visual animals, so they may only consider their appearance when buying a mobile phone.

I remembered a paragraph here

Man: I’ll buy you an iPhone 11 Pro, the latest Apple model, equipped with Apple’s latest A13 processor, with unmatched performance it has a new three-camera system with telephoto, wide-angle, and ultra-wide-angle, and the camera is quite awesome; super retina OLED screen , 458ppi, the brightness can reach up to 800 nits; the back shell is frosted glass, which feels super good! …

Woman: I like purple, buy me this one…

Man: Okay…

2. The iPhone takes pictures well

Most girls like to take pictures, there is no doubt. Although Apple’s front and rear cameras do not have beauty features, the iPhone relies on its powerful hardware algorithms, coupled with unique functions and filters, to render the photos taken by the iPhone very well. These details are beyond the reach of other brands of mobile phones.

3. The iOS system is easy to use and not stuck

In addition to studying cost performance, boys also like to engage in machines. Because the Android system is open source, it is also very easy to toss, you can freely flash the ROM, install various beautification software on the phone and so on. For girls, they may not like to toss these bells and whistles. What they pursue is simple and easy to use. And the lifespan of the Android system is generally only 1 to 3 years. In contrast to the iOS system, the iPhone X upgraded to iOS 14 three years ago is still smooth.

For sisters, the iOS system may be more complicated in terms of Apple ID settings, but this is only for novice users who have just used iPhone, but there is always no shortage of boys around sisters to teach her how to use and set up .

In addition, the Apple ecosystem that Apple interacts with the iOS system is also doing well. Apple’s similar products are also very easy to use with the iPhone. Like AirPods Pro, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook, etc., the Apple system is also easier to use and meets all needs!

4. Fewer iPhone ads

Thanks to the security of the iOS system and the protection of user privacy mechanisms, female users can also be protected from most spam advertisements. The Android system is different. A spam advertisement may pop up at any time, and girls are more likely to be cheated by mistake.

5. Improve personal social interaction

Although the iPhone has now almost become an “arcade”. But this does not affect Apple’s brand image. The iPhone has labels such as fashion, high-end, and beautiful. Women’s consumption is more conformed, just like the clothes and bags they buy frequently, they can increase social interaction and have more common interests with girlfriends. One of the reasons why they choose iPhone is also the reason.

Anyway, radish and greens have their own loves. We should respect other people’s aesthetics, living habits or economic habits, etc. No matter what you like or pursue, what you feel most comfortable is the best!

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