From our Intern: A System to Fill Vacancies Without the Hassle

At we don’t just collect data, we are also continually working on the development of new projects. We especially love challenging our interns to come up with new, easy-to-use solutions. Each time one of them does, they deserve all the credit. That’s why we let our latest intern Sam Kroon explain his project.

Hello, I’m Sam, and I am a 23-year old software engineering student. This year I had to do my 3rd-year internship, which consists of 20 weeks of full-time work. I did my internship at, and the assignment that I got was to develop a system in which we could organize the applications for job vacancies. It had to be a bit like small job-applicant tracking system.

Before starting at, I always thought that a full-time job of 40 hours a week is old fashioned and not for me at all. But when I started at, the first week made it clear to me that working in an office doesn’t have to be a punishment at all. At I got a lot of room to develop myself and make my own design choices. When you add to this the awesome team and the relaxed internship, it made for the best internship I could have ever imagined.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

In the past, sometimes it took a long time to fill a job vacancy with the right applicant. Looking at the existing applicant tracking systems, decided that they were too complex. It was possible to do it in a simpler way. The system I built consists of three main parts: a Google Chrome extension, a MySQL database and the Silex REST API. The Chrome extension contains the front-end in which the user can organize the applications, and have a clear overview of everything going in. The user can fill out all the information he or she has about the applicant and, in the end, create a database filled with information about past and future applicants. When there are enough applications for jobs in the system, the user can use (custom) search filters to look for people in the indexed profiles. The goal of the application is to fill in open job positions more quickly and with ease.

Within the assignment, I learned a lot about developing a web application from scratch. The communication about the requirements between my colleagues and I was flawless, as my questions were quickly answered and everyone is available to answer questions or help. The biggest challenge was to keep the structure of a project this size as clean as possible, and in doing this Javascript is the language I learned most from. The final product is a success, and for school I obtained a 9 out of 10 as a final grade. My teacher said it could have been the result of a graduation project and was very satisfied. has since offered me a part-time position, one that I will happily fill. I’m sure I will enjoy the coming time at, and I want to thank the company and team for helping me bring my internship to a successful end with an awesome result!

Sam Kroon

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